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What feels like a friend’s effortlessly vintage-bedecked apartment—mix-and-match brass light fixtures, timeworn rugs, antique furniture, a patchwork of maps that stand in as bathroom wallpaper—is actually the cozy Capitol Hill dwellings of Harry’s Fine Foods on the corner of Bellevue and Mercer. The menu bears dishes as varied as its decor: a cauliflower that’s caramelized until deep brown, its crisp edges the perfect home for a creamy, herbed chutney; ricotta semolina dumplings accompanied by such seasonal offerings as tender oyster mushrooms; a whole fried trout and a pile of greens and herbs with which to pull away the fish’s meat. But should it all sound too darling, there’s silverware and paper napkins stuffed into tin cans atop each table, plus Snickers and wines to-go that all serve as a reminder—it’s as lovely a spot for brunch, lunch, or dinner as it is a useful pantry shop.



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Brunch, Dinner, Lunch