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A pastiche of how Seattle eats right now would look a lot like this: subway tile, crowds awaiting takeout. So much poke. But before raw fish salad seized our fast-casual imaginations, there was chirashi. This Japanese comfort food spot surfs a breaker of buzz thanks to its version—rice blanketed with an almost obscene amount of raw fish. Salmon, three types of tuna, shrimp, and broiled eel glisten on Instagram, but the reality is every bit as vivid and pleasurable as the social media imagery. The donburi, rice bowls topped with rich broiled eel, seared salmon, or tonkatsu satisfy on a more visceral, if less photogenic level. 

Meal Times
Dinner, Lunch

Fremont Bowl

4258 Fremont Ave N #4262, Seattle, WA, 98103
Tue–Sun 11:30–2:30, 4:30–9