Image: Lauren Colton

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“In Mexico, people don’t just eat tacos and burritos and rice and beans.” That’s Angelica Villasenor’s mission statement for her restaurant on north Capitol Hill, which serves regional dishes and sizzling, perfectly seasoned steak from the same ranches that supply the city’s high-end beef temples. Next up in exceeding your expectations: The chile en nogada, a sauce-drizzled poblano pepper stuffed with three different meats, plus a world of texture and nuance from green apple, three types of nuts, and the traditional pomegranate seeds on top. Villasenor brought driftwood from her native Guadalajara to assemble the whimsical tree in the middle of the dining room. What she didn’t do was invest in PR, so this companionable spot on Tenth Ave remains an undersung gem.

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Dessert, Dinner
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Conversation, Date Night

D'La Santa

2359 10th Ave E, Seattle, WA, 98102
Tue–Thu, Sun 11–9<br/> Fri & Sat 11–10