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This most decorated, complicated chef returns after a six-year (mostly) hiatus to a well appointed Pioneer Square dining room where jacketed staff take your coat, unfold your napkin, and murmur “very good” after you order. While Scott Carsberg reinstated the name of his former restaurant in Belltown, Bisato 2.0 has perhaps more elements of Lampreia, the predecessor that earned the legendarily tough chef—and his modern take on northern Italy—a James Beard Award. Carsberg revived his sheet of pasta, flecked with truffles and spread with fonduta, from Lampreia, and devised some newcomers, like a tart shell that harbors a puree of smoked salmon belly and barely cooked egg. Chefs in actual toques populate the open kitchen, which never stumbles on pacing.

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84 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA, 98104
Belltown  •  206-624-1111
Mon–Sat 5–10