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Betsutenjin softly opened on First Hill one summer of yore when Seattle was flirting with 80-degree weather. That didn’t stop the near-daily crowds. The ramen bar has scant seating, so better to belly up to the bar facing the kitchen, which issues Hakata-style ramen, here an opaque, ivory-white pork broth with thin wheat noodles, pork slices, nori, and seaweed. It’s so creamy that signage throughout the restaurant assures there’s not a drop of milk. But if you try asking what techniques are involved in making a ramen so permeated with pig and umami, the server might just press her finger over her lips and smile. Go back to slurping, and be satisfied that you were able to snag a spot underneath the TV showing a ’60s-era samurai flick or J-Pop music videos.

Meal Times
Dinner, Late Night


954 E Union St, Seattle, WA, 98122
Tue–Sat 5:30pm–2am<br/>Sun 5:30pm–midnight