Hawaiian, Poke
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Poke is like the Lisa Frank of bowls: an Instagram-worthy rainbow of colors from pink salmon, verdant layers of lettuce and seaweed salad, and bright-orange fish roe. And 45th Stop N Shop and Poke Bar was one of the first to bring the picture-ready bowls to Seattle. Its Wallingford minimart-slash-poke-deli setup has Hawaiian style all over it: Reminiscent of small, roadside general stores on the islands, John Chung sells poke bowls alongside aspirin, travel-sized condoms, and rolls of toilet paper. It still draws long lines through the shop, but now the Amazon masses and other South Lake Union lunchgoers can get their share of poke at a new location double the size of the original. The menu remains much the same at the latter, except no poke burritos but there is a new kimchi edamame. Also new here: booze!

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