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Our Top 10 Property Watches of 2022

Notable houseboats, an Instagram-famous ski cabin, Russell Wilson’s house, and the most expensive listing in the region’s history.

12/29/2022 By Sarah Anne Lloyd

Remote Retreat

Property Watch: A Watchtower Cabin in the San Juans

This forest hideaway from Windermere, on an island without cars or public ferry service, is spread out over more than an acre of rocky, woodsy terrain.

11/09/2022 By Sarah Anne Lloyd

Just Add Organist

Property Watch: 3 Acres, a Mansion, and a Pipe Organ on a Burien Bluff

This 8,000-square-foot mansion sold by Windermere comes with an ornate ballroom and used to be owned by Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney.

10/19/2022 By Sarah Anne Lloyd


Property Watch: A Gene Zema Contemporary, Remodeled by Fans

This iconic Seattle architect's personal home, now offered by Windermere, was remodeled by fans to preserve his aesthetic and add modern updates.

09/14/2022 By Sarah Anne Lloyd

Ooh, Fancy!

Property Watch: An Incredibly Ornate Tacoma Abode

The architect behind the Governor's Mansion designed this elaborate house full of custom millwork, formal spaces, and bold finishes. Offered by Windermere.

07/27/2022 By Sarah Anne Lloyd