50 Ways Seattle Will Change the World

50 Ways Seattle Will Change the World <p>For decades brainiacs have flocked to our corner of the country, lured by Microsoft and Boeing and the UW. For this issue we collected stories of inventors, developers, and researchers, mining every aspect of Seattle&rsquo;s geek culture to show how Seattle will shape the future or our city&mdash;and the world. Then read about two Seattle musicians who traveled the world to collect vintage Victrola recordings for a new release of their favorite (almost) forgotten sounds. Plus: fall fashion; five Northwest road trips for a perfect autumn weekend; where to find the cream of the 2005 wine crop; and Le Pichet&rsquo;s owners bring Paris to Capitol Hill in Caf&eacute; Presse.</p>

In this issue:

Eat & Drink


Year of the Grape

Local retailers sell the best wines from 2005, a top-notch year for the industry.

06/01/2009 By Chris S. Nishiwaki


Paris on 12th Avenue

French restaurant Café Presse is a haven of authentic café society flourishing on Capitol Hill.

12/09/2008 By Kathryn Robinson

Style & Shopping


Masters of Disguise

Five dress-up shops where you can rent your alter ego for a day, or buy it for a lifetime.

10/28/2009 With Will Mari