150 Years in Pictures and Words

150 Years in Pictures and Words <p>Our History Issue spotlights 277 people who shaped Seattle, with plenty of surprises and a plethora of little-known and long-forgotten facts. The city&rsquo;s delectable and versatile ethnic restaurants offer us 26 ways to think&mdash;and eat&mdash;globally., We get behind the scenes with Mike McGavick for a look at the hottest Senate race in the U.S., and the pluralistic, naughty-but-nice world of burlesque gets the once-over twice. And as always, we deliver the best in arts, entertainment, and Seattle eateries.</p>

In this issue:

Eat & Drink


World’s Fare

26 Ways to Think Globally, Eat Locally

05/09/2006 By Kathryn Robinson With Eric Scigliano, Nate Lippens, and Bridget Budhill