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There’s a vaguely culty feel to this brewery on Interbay’s main artery. It could be the temple vibe in the austere white taproom, or maybe just the reverence with which other brewers speak of the place. Drinkers sometimes describe Holy Mountain as experimental, though it brews beers, like Germany’s tart wheat gose, that have been around for centuries. For all their saisons and wild yeasts, these guys do like their hops: The Kiln and Cone house pale ale is so lush and citrusy you’d swear it was a fresh hop beer. Taproom is 21+.

Holy Mountain Brewing Co.

1421 Elliott Ave W, Seattle, WA, 98119
Interbay  • 
Mon–Wed & Thur 3pm–9pm<br> Fri & Sat 12pm–10pm<br> Sun 12pm–9pm<br>