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Puck drops October 2021. Well, maybe.

After a night of Zapruder film-like interrogation of a cryptic video, NHL Seattle announced what many had assumed: Our new hockey team will be called the Seattle Kraken.

The name draws from the region's connection to Puget Sound and a sea creature from Scandinavian folklore; the team's colors will be something called "deep sea blue" and "ice blue." You can read more about the choice and every last detail of the "S" logo here.

Reports had indicated that there were likely 13 candidates: Cougars, Eagles, Emeralds, Evergreens, Firebirds, Kraken, Rainiers, Renegades, Seals, Sea Lions, Sockeyes, Whales, and Totems. (Sadly, "Metropolitans," a nod to the city's professional team from a century ago and a certain city magazine, did not make the cut.)

Here's what some Seattle Met staffers thought of the selection.

Benjamin Cassidy, associate editor: Call me a simpleton, but the alliterative quality of "Seattle Sockeyes" can't be topped. Announcers would love to hang on that “eyes” ending, too. Trust me: As a University of Michigan fan, I hear "Buck-eyyyyyyes" in my sleep after all those Ohio State touchdowns.

Stefan Milne, arts editor: I'm pro Kraken. Ridiculous? Of course. But embrace it. Sports are ridiculous, especially one in which it's been acceptable—encouraged!—for players to get in fist fights while wearing ice skates.

Zoe Sayler, digital editor: As someone who has been told she looks fantastic in jewel tones, I’m obviously pro Emeralds—but I'll root for any Seattle sports team whose entire aesthetic isn’t based around a universally unflattering shade of green.

Allison Williams, deputy editor: I would have been down for the Seattle Sockeyes, but I'm not sure why the Seattle Chinook wasn't on the list. They're the king salmon, bigger than sockeyes! Count on Seattle to undersell ourselves before the team is even formed.

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