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Gibraltar's musical vocabulary lacks any frills, instead getting right to the point in bouts of distortion-drenched glory. Since forming in 2011, the Seattle postpunk outfit has excelled at crafting driving, no-nonsense melodic rock songs that cut like knives. The band fully displays this aesthetic on "Cold," the first single from its upcoming album, Let's Get Beautiful (out March 11).

After drawing the listener in with quick solo piano riff, "Cold" builds to an instrumental crescendo before abruptly dropping into sparser verses where singer-guitarist Aaron Starkey hashes out the tension of strained relations. All of Gibraltar's best aspects come together during a blitzing chorus that fuses an edgy wall of distorted guitar chords, beautiful piano undertones, frenetic high-hat drumming, Starkey's emotional pleading ("If you hold on tight / I can all right"), and a fist-pumping burst of group vocals ("I said you were / Co! Co! Co! Co! Co! Co! Cold"). Listen below.

On Saturday, March 11, Gibraltar will perform "Cold" and other new tunes during Let's Get Beautiful's release show at Barboza. Head Like a Kite and Wiscon will join the festivities as opening acts.

Gibraltar: Let's Get Beautiful Release Show
Mar 11, Barboza, $10

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