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The best gift I was given for Father’s Day was a handmade carbon steel pan from Blu Skillet Ironware in Ballard. This year I have my eye on some crazy, geeky, vintage guitar stuff from Mike and Mike's Guitar Bar. —Brandon Pettit, father of June and chef-owner at Delancey and Essex
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Each year I get the same awesome gifts from my family: brunch followed by quality time outside at one of the city’s amazing parks. This year I’m thinking Marjorie, the Kingfish Café, or El Quetzal then coffee from The Station and adventures at Jefferson Park. —Tim Lennon, father of Gus and events and cultural space coordinator for the Office of Arts and Culture
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I would love a half-pound of whole prosciutto from Rain Shadow Meats in Melrose Market and a meat and cheese slicer from Bargreen Ellingson. —Dorian Christensen, father of Jackson Lee and artist
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I love riding bikes every day, and I love getting bike stuff. I am lucky that my family has been giving me clothing items from Hub and Bespoke in Fremont. They deal in casual apparel that works well on a bike and is of very high quality. It doesn’t sit in the closet! Also, if I'm really lucky this Father's Day, my family will take me to lunch at Dot's Charcuterie and Bistrot on Fremont Ave. — Ed Fotheringham, father of Anna and Joe and freelance illustrator
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One of my favorite gifts I received for Father’s Day was really nice chair from Ligne Roset. On my wish list right now are Charlie Shuck’s vintage astronomy prints at Object or some fancy olive oil from De Laurenti. —Erich Ginder, father of Claudia and designer of places and things
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One of my favorite new shops is E. Smith Mercantile. Aside from having a great bar and some of the nicest staff around, they have all sorts of pretty things. I’ve got my eye on this heirloom quality waxed canvas and leather apron from local makers, Hardmill. It’s the kind of apron you pass down to your children. —Matthew Parker, father of Cora and creative director at Huxley Wallace Collective
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