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Best gift received: Last year, my husband George gave me an original Canadian Hudson’s Bay blanket—so chic and personal (I’m a Canuck). I felt both understood and loved. The boys woke me up with several dozen pink tulips (my fave) and fresh, warm croissants from the French Bakery in downtown Kirkland, which I ate alone in bed with black coffee and Harper’s Bazaar. Best. Ever. Moms on Mother's Day: My mother has an infuriating habit of stashing her gifts away “for best,” never to be seen again. On a recent visit to their house, I found the cream silk Banana Republic sweater I’d bought her for Mothers’ Day in ‘95, still wrapped in its tissue. This Mother's Day she’ll receive a mother-daughter trip to Paris. Upon arrival she’ll be presented with a mint-condition vintage silk Banana Republic sweater. Circa 1995. Best hostess gift go-to: Here’s the deal: Don't take wine because she’s already bought it. Don’t bring flowers because she’ll just have to scramble for a vase. Get her what every hostess really wants by the time guests are arriving: A gift certificate for a next-day mani or—let’s face it—a joint. —Shireen Jiwan, mom of Jasper and Zain and founder and chief investigator for Sleuth, a brand consultancy based in NYC and Seattle
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Best gift received: My first real Mother's Day my husband dragged me out of my bed to go for a walk with our son. Here I was thinking that I was supposed to be sleeping in, and now I am up at the crack of dawn going for a walk. To my surprise on our porch was a teal beach cruiser that I had been drooling over from Alki Bike and Board. I had taken a picture of it on my phone and he found the pic. The basket was full of flowers and beer!! Perfection! With $75 of mad money: I love love love Essenza in Fremont. $75 would be more like a down payment with what I could do in there. The candles, the home goods, the yummy baby clothes and toys. That store is delicious! —Kisha Vaughan, mother of Archie and Daisy and dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer
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Best gift received: My husband bought me a gift certificate to Active Body Pilates in Issaquah's Gilman Village to work with Jana Broecking, the owner. I always enjoy being trained by Jana and I leave feeling stronger week after week! Best gift given: Now that I have the cashmere line, I give my mother cashmere! I special ordered a style in three different colors she wanted—those are the only three in the whole world! —Karen Paychi Guh, mother of Matthew and cashmere knitwear designer at Paychi Guh
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Best gift received: An antique small ceramic dish on foot-long brass octopus legs that I use for my rings at our place on Decatur Island. It came from Great Jones Home. I also have some ceramic egg cartons and berry baskets from Butter Home that I love and use almost every day. Best gifts given: I am a fan of beautiful throws for moms in the Northwest and I love everything at Far 4. —Heather Redman, mother of two boys and a girl, principal at Summit Power Group, investor, and civic cheerleader
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Best gift received: One of the best gifts the girls ever gave me was a beautiful yellow with gold teacup and saucer. It came from Anthropologie. Best gift given: My favorite gift to give is a simple bowl and chop sticks. I think this exemplifies the life I would love to live: Simple, essential, beautiful. There are so many places to get those two items, but I usually head to Uwajimaya where, without fail, I find something that fits the bill. With $75 of mad money: I would probably go to Dandelion Botanicals in Ballard and stock up on essential oils, lotions and potions. —Mia Fioravanti, mother of two girls and independent designer
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Best gift received: No question it was my first Mother's Day. My husband, Jimmy, sourced these unbelievable coral beads and had a necklace strung. I am pretty sure he had his own mom help him. Moms on Mother's Day: I sent my mom Dress No. 1 in Navy last year. Clearly meaningful because it was living proof that we had both done well. You know? With $75 of mad money: From Paper Hammer, I would stock up on Merchant & Mills sewing supplies (I am a sucker for the packaging). I would buy magazines at E. Smith Mercantile and grab a handful of candies for the boys. To ensure that I read the latest issues within the month, I will happily dip into my own stash to hire a sitter. Hit list: I cannot walk out of Glasswing without buying a plant for my sons. Totokaelo is where I go for me. ME ME ME, but I will venture downstairs and take notes for my husband. London Plane's big space has ceramic coffee mugs in the perfect blue/teal. A set of six is on my list this Mother's Day. When the boys have a birthday party, we find the perfect gift for their friends at Red Wagon. I am having an instant film moment—so much so that I am this close to investing in a vintage camera from Rare Medium. My mother-in-law has e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g so I always get her a gift certificate for a service at Spa Noir. When I want something really special, I go to Ty for vintage denim. —April Pride, mom of James and Sid and founder and chief creative officer at April Pride
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Best gift received: My kids and I spent a wonderful afternoon last year at Chateau Ste Michelle winery for a Mother's Day brunch. Best gift given: I bought my mom a book at Barnes and Noble that was for her to write in about her life. She passed away 10 years ago and I treasure it. —Terri Morgan, mother of Cole and Blair and owner of TCM Models and Talent
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Best gift received: Because I am a florist it is very difficult for my husband and kids to give me flowers on Mother's Day! One of the best Mother's Day presents from them was a Jamie Joseph cocktail ring that they bought at Essenza (with much financial assistance from Josh, my husband). They created a giant ribbon and crepe paper surprise ball and the ring was buried in the center. This year I would love a beautiful step stool for our kitchen. Moms on Mother's Day: I do send my mom flowers from Marigold and Mint because I can give her an arrangement with local blooms from my farm and other favorite local farms. I always send her purple flowers. Other things: necklaces, such as a labradorite necklace from Hitchcock in Madrona a few years back. She goes to the opera and teaches physics at Seattle U so I like to give her jewelry that's suitable for either the evening or the classroom. —Katherine Anderson, mom of Charlie and Vivian and owner of Marigold and Mint and co-owner of London Plane
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Best gift received: My husband gave me a gorgeous diamond and chrysophrase Jamie Joseph ring a couple of years ago from Essenza. The Chrysophrase stone is such a rich shade of aqua/green, it never ceases to mesmerize me. In the market for: Right now I'm lusting after some silver Acne sneakers from Totokaelo that have this funny emoji face-plate on them. Also Strathcona printed socks from Craftandculture.com, and I have Blackbird's soap of the month club on my giving list. I also would love to have Organic by John Patrick slipdresses in every color available from Juniper in Madrona. Go-to gifts: Right now my favorite treat to give is the Limited Edition Nettle Salt Caramel sauce from Hot Cakes in Ballard. The nettles were foraged right behind Golden Gardens and it is truly spectacular. —Khadijah Fulton, mom of one with another on the way and founder and designer at White Space Jewelry
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Best gifts received: Books. I am a voracious reader and the boys are really good at picking out great reads, especially poignant ones that make me cry on airplanes. Really in the market for: I need to find a really good masseuse who I can see regularly. Spa gift certificates are always a winner with me, especially from Spaaah at Hotel 1000. —Kay Smith-Blum, mother of three boys and the CEO of Butch Blum
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Best gift received: "A huge care package from my husband and kids with tons of bath, body, and skin care products from Lush. It also had white chocolate covered Strawberries from Godiva Chocolates! With $75 of mad money: I would pamper myself and get my hair done at J Salon in Capitol Hill, or get a mani pedi at Jennifer Nails in Bellevue. —Jamyrlyn Mallory, mother of Milan and Julian and hair and makeup artist
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