This post was originally published this morning.

The city council plans to pass a resolution this afternoon denouncing the state of Arizona's decision to require police to routinely check the immigration status of people who "appear" to be in the country illegally and instituting a citywide boycott on travel to Arizona and contracts with companies headquartered in the state.

The resolution itself is pretty standard West Coast-city stuff—calling for reform of federal immigration laws, talk about the "basic notions of fairness"—but some of the responses to the proposal, including some from citizens of liberal Seattle, have been ... surprising.

A sampling:
I had originally just sent this neo-socialist sally clark only ............ then I thought, why not share this with the entire junta of seattle. So here you go ..................................

Boycott? Please do so. We were trying to figure out how to shake more liberals out of Arizona.

Do Arizona a favor and make your boycott permanent. Please, we beseech you ............... boycott. Stay away. Get lost. Take a hike. Hasta la vista baby.

Illegal aliens, yea illegal, as in criminal, as in violating the law aliens, yea aliens, as in not a citizen, as in do not have the same rights as citizens ............... illegal aliens, we do not want them here ............ as in here, in Arizona. We do not care about what seattle thinks or does.

So, please boycott. Please, oh please, oh please. Stay out. If you are here, get out.

This invitation goes to all the immigrant advocates, civil right groups and anyone else.

Life without the sludge of illegal aliens ........... one can dream and hope and work.

In other words seattle, piss off

While the loud mouth pieces are squawking in protests, waving mexican flags, claiming this is really mexico so YOU are the illegals, the back bone of this state is busy working and watching how this plays out.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

[Name redacted]
Republic of Arizona

For God, Family and the Republic
Stay free, stay safe and never surrender ........... God Bless America
May God deliver all of our enemies, both abroad and at home, into our hands.
Secure Our Borders

Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 9:13 AM
To: Conlin, Richard; Bagshaw, Sally; Burgess, Tim; Clark, Sally; Godden, Jean; Harrell, Bruce; Licata, Nick; O'Brien, Mike; Rasmussen, Tom
Subject: NO BOYCOT

Council Member

Do NOT vote for not doing business with Arizona. The Federal government is suppose to follow the law and so are you and the Mayor and Governor. Federal Law US CODE TITLE 8, 1301, 1308, 1324 and 1324a are just reminders to help you see that you are breaking the law by aiding and abetting lawbreakers and turning against an American state who is not guilty of doing anything other than upholding the law. Otherwise, I will have to assume you're a progressive, socialist, leftest bastard or bitch. If you don't vote against Arizona I can assure you I am not assuming that. Do something of importance for the people of Seattle and uphold the law.