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Mayor Mike McGinn has asked city department heads to come up with budget cuts of 3 percent across the board  to make up for a midyear budget shortfall of about $10 million. The only exceptions are the human services, fire, and police departments, which McGinn is asking for cuts of 1.5 percent.

In a memo that went out to city department heads last week , McGinn's budget director Beth Goldberg specified that the cuts should, wherever possible, be "ongoing in nature" in light of a projected shortfall of between $50 and $60 million next year. "For initial planning purposes," Goldberg's letter continues, "departments should begin thinking about reductions for 2011 in the 5 percent range."

In a separate letter to city employees yesterday, McGinn wrote that he was "aware of the difficulty this presents for all of us as we try to complete the city’s work with fewer resources. And I know that in some cases budget cuts will mean not filling job vacancies or even eliminating some positions that are now filled. I am very concerned about that, as you are, and we will work hard to minimize the impact on our services and on the lives of the dedicated women and men working for the city, including providing sufficient notification in cases where layoffs may be necessary."

The cuts will go into effect around July 1.