What to Wear on a Valentine's Day Date

Yes, it's worth getting decked out even if you're staying in.

By Zoe Sayler

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Seattle and heart-adorned Docs: the perfect pair.

Image: Dr. Martens

It's been a long winter full of takeout dinners, Netflix-and-chilling, and, like most of the seasons before it, an inordinate amount of sweatpants.

Whether you're taking Valentine's Day as an opportunity to hit the patios or just want to have a more special version of your habitual evenings at home, show the one you love (a partner, a friend, yourself) that they're worth dressing up for.

Wool Fisherman's Sweater, Filson Local


Image: Filson

Don't let all the flirty little Valentine's Day outfits fool you: It's February, we live in the Pacific Northwest, and we'll be lucky if the high cracks 55. Cozying up has to happen long before the date begins, and no one does it better than Filson's heavy, Scottish wool. 

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Wolf Circus Swirl Heart Drop Earrings, Nordstrom Local

$72 $120

Image: Nordstrom

We like to consider Wolf Circus an honorary local company, since it makes its demi-fine jewelry in Vancouver, BC. And, since the brand frequently plays with heart motifs, it's one of our holiday go-tos. But they are not frequently available on this steep a sale. Act accordingly.

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Vagabond Shoemakers Harvey Oxford, Sole Food Local


Image: Sole Food

These men's dress shoes are not covered in hearts. They are not secretly red-bottomed. But you're not spending $181 on a pair you'll wear once, right? In black, suede-like nubuck leather and a classic oxford shape, Vagabond kicks move seamlessly from the candlelit dinner to the fluorescent-lit office. And they manage a little wordless romantic communication, too: For you, my dear, I forego the hiking boots.

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Rolla's Eastcoast Flare Lavender Cord, September Local


Image: September

Valentine's Day date looks fall into two essential categories: sexy (inspired by lacy red lingerie) and adorable (inspired by lacy pink cards). For those feeling a little indecisive, these sweet cords lend themselves to either aesthetic. Let a puff-sleeve blouse or a corseted crop top be your guide.

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Ganni Seersucker Check Ruffle Oversize Bib Collar, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

We won't go out and change our entire wardrobe of button-up shirts to align with the current statement collar trend. We could, but we won't—because stand-alone collar accessories provide the same look with a whole lot more versatility. Pair this pink-and-black gingham version with a black dress, button-up, or even a comfy long-sleeve tee for some quick drama all year long.

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Hearts Panel Cap, Lazy Oaf


Image: Lazy Oaf

Heart on the sleeve? A little overplayed. Heart on the hat? Instantly iconic. British brand Lazy Oaf satisfies all our playful dressing instincts in a way that still looks good with a date-night fit—we'd swoon over this cap paired with a cardigan or a button-up (or whatever sweatsuit you're wearing to pick up takeout).

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Ali Golden Electric Pink Stretch Ruffle Dress, Prism Local


Image: Ali Golden

We spent all those years exchanging valentines in elementary school with one goal in mind: Eventually becoming the valentine ourselves. In a stretch polyester-spandex material, this tiered, puff-sleeve magenta dress fits fancy plans or cozy ones. And it looks like the card we always wanted to make.

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Maple x Elhaus "Lover Chain" Necklace in Silver, Blue Owl Local


Image: Maple

Fremont-based Blue Owl Workshop knows: Men need Valentine's Day jewelry, too. A flat sterling silver chain and an immaculate Cupid figure make this an instant classic (and, yes, a gender-neutral one—anyone with good taste and $230, this piece has its sights set on you).

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Devon Heart Leather Platform Boots, Dr. Martens


Image: Dr. Martens

Allover hearts in pink and red feel seasonal. Simple, heart-shaped buckles atop classic platform Docs feel like a new staple shoe. Pair them with a short-and-sweet ruffled dress and a pink faux fur jacket for some cute contrast, or nab the white pair for a mod look.

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Really Ready Dress, Lika Love Local


Image: Lika Love

West Seattle heads to Lika Love for date-ready looks (and with the adjacent speakeasy, it could be a date night destination, too). This red-and-white dress keeps Valentines vibes subtle and begs to be repurposed as a daytime maxi come spring and summer.

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