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Thumbnail for - Francine Seders, Accidental Art Dealer
Jul 1, 2014
Francine Seders showed some of the region’s premier artists at her Greenwood Avenue art gallery. In December 2013, after 47 years, she closed its doors, leaving an indelible mark on Northwest art...
Thumbnail for - Remembering Photographer Johsel Namkung (1919-2013)
Jul 26, 2013
The Northwest's preeminent landscape photographer died earlier this week.
Thumbnail for - SuttonBeresCuller: Three Way
Jul 24, 2013
The trio of installation artists earns its keep at Greg Kucera Gallery.
Thumbnail for - The Ghost of Architecture
Jul 17, 2013
Henry Art Gallery shows off gifts to the collection, including a piece worth 30 minutes of your time.
Thumbnail for - The Wit and Wisdom of Artist Patti Warashina
Jul 11, 2013
Bellevue Arts Museum honors the 50-year career of the masterful (and wickedly funny) Northwest ceramicist.
Thumbnail for - 'Japanese Fashion Has Always Been Far Out'
Jun 25, 2013
Seattle Asian Art Museum's show of early Japanese art gives context to the couture of SAM’s Future Beauty exhibit.
Thumbnail for - Enter the Woodman: The Frye Recaps the Career of Eco-Artist Buster Simpson
Jun 18, 2013
From 1970s ad-hoc street performances to environmentally friendly public art.
Thumbnail for - “If You Could Diagram Dreams, They Would Look Like This”
Jun 11, 2013
Master draftsman Fred Birchman shows fanciful new drawings and sculpture at Francine Seders Gallery.
Thumbnail for - Art After-Hours: Where to Go This First Thursday
Jun 6, 2013
Museums are free, galleries stay open late. So many choices...
Thumbnail for - The Yin and Yang of Twenty-First Century Masters
May 28, 2013
Sherry Markovitz’s girls and dolls and Mark Calderon’s sculptures of loss and void share the light at Greg Kucera.
Listing 1 - 10 of 50 Results