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Thumbnail for - Pedestrian Chronicles: Bell Street Park Gets It Right
Apr 18, 2014
Turning a car-only zone into a mixed car/ped zone caters to the natural efficiency of cities.
Thumbnail for - Extra Fizz: Spokane Surprise, Seattle Schools, and City Hall Repeal
Apr 16, 2014
Jayapal talks about education reform, conservative group shows up on rideshare initiative reports, and Republicans nervous in Eastern Washington?
Thumbnail for - Poll: Voters Support Pro and Anti-Gun Control Measures, though Support for Pro-Gun Control Nearly 20 Points Higher
Apr 15, 2014
I-594 at 72 percent Yes vote, I-591 also passes, though at 55 percent.
Thumbnail for - Senator Tom Will Not Run for Reelection
Apr 14, 2014
The controversial senator cites his own health and caring for his elderly father.
Thumbnail for - Pedestrian Chronicles: Where's the Ping Pong Zone?
Apr 11, 2014
Don't let the exciting micro-park movement turn into a series of de facto coffee shops.
Thumbnail for - Last Night: At Piecora's
Apr 10, 2014
Goodbye to my favorite pie.
Thumbnail for - McCleary Report Due to Court by End of Month
Apr 4, 2014
Legislators not sure what to tell the Court about K-12 funding plan.
Thumbnail for - The Politics (and Aesthetics) of Broadband
Apr 2, 2014
Mayor Murray and Council Member Harrell pushing pilot project to upgrade broadband service.
Thumbnail for - Why Kids are Good for Cities
Apr 1, 2014
The city's latest urbanist white paper focuses on kids instead of "Creative Class" hipsters.
Listing 1 - 10 of 3194 Results