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City Council Passes Buck on Homeless Encampments

Council Signs Off on Encampment Sites Without Public Hearing

  • 07/07/2015
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Poll Shows Support for Seattle Transpo Levy, Council Shows Lack of Support for Density

  • 07/07/2015
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Muni League Rates Candidates, Veteran Godden and Socialist Sawant Score Lowest of Incumbents

Four candidates, including newcomers Gonzalez and Johnson, Rated Outstanding

  • 07/06/2015
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Why the Democrats Actually Won the Transportation Debate

Caffeinated news featuring the rebound effect, the great debate, and a political obituary

  • 07/06/2015
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Friday LIKES & DISLIKES: City Council Position Eight

Tim Burgess, Jon Grant, and John Roderick review the week's news

  • 07/03/2015
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Field Organizers and Super Geeks

'Seattle Times' begins rolling out council endorsements, campaigns get aggressive

  • 07/02/2015
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Legislature Passes $16 Billion (Kidney Stone) Transportation Bill

Environmentalists cheer and condemn epic bill

  • 07/01/2015
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Power Lines

John Roderick Takes the Political Stage

The Seattle musician and former Long Winters front man makes his bid for a seat in city council.

  • 07/01/2015
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Seattle Rep Threatened Statewide Referendum on Transportation Package

Compromise transportation legislation and no-compromise police accountability legislation

  • 06/30/2015
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Inslee Blinks, Transportation Deal Includes "Poison Pill" on Fuel Standards in Exchange for Full Light Rail Authorization

Will a Green Tea coalition stall the transportation package? And will Sound Transit have to foot the GOP sales tax bill?

  • 06/29/2015
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Friday LIKES & DISLIKES: City Council Position Nine

Bill Bradburd and Lorena González review the week's news.

  • 06/26/2015
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A Flag Controversy of Our Own

Sawant Condemns City Recognition of South Vietnamese Flag

  • 06/24/2015
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Gender-Neutral Policy on the Way for City Bathrooms

Mayor to propose gender neutral (single stall) bathrooms

  • 06/23/2015
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City Investment Board Finds Fossil Fuel Free Index Outperforms S&P 500

Despite dismissing divestment, city's own numbers show benefit

  • 06/22/2015
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Friday LIKES and DISLIKES: Amendments, Emails, and Flip-Flops

Caffeinated news featuring our weekly roundup of Likes and Dislikes

  • 06/19/2015
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Pollster Says Rent Control Not Top Priority for Seattle Voters

EMC poll questions enthusiasm for rent control

  • 06/18/2015
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The War on Density

Council committee passes a series of amendments to limit density.

  • 06/17/2015
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Council's Antidensity Amendments Put First Task Force Recommendations to Test

Rasmussen amendments threaten to undo housing affordability committee recommendations.

  • 06/16/2015
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Rising Rents and Detaining Kayaktivists

Caffeinated news featuring city council member Mike O'Brien, the comprehensive plan, and historical context

  • 06/15/2015
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Friday LIKES and DISLIKES: Socialist Sawant Defends Property-Owning Class, Public Defender Defends Community Police Commission

Caffeinated news featuring irony and advocacy

  • 06/12/2015
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