“The Jose Rizal Bridge on Beacon Hill because you can see so much; the skyline behind it and the curves around I-5 make for interesting light. You can’t see the Space Needle, which is the only downside.” —Sigma Sreedharan, Seattle-based photographer

“I would say that the bluff on the Loop Trail up in Discovery Park that faces southwest is the best sunset post. You can see West Seattle, you can see a little bit of downtown, you can see the ferries, you can see the Olympics on a nice day. And since it’s facing south, it’s really the best view for when the sun sets.” —Martin Criminale, president, Seattle Running Club

“When we return [to downtown from West Seattle] during golden hour, with the last of the sun’s rays glowing in every window throughout downtown and along the waterfront, that’s breathtaking... From land, make yourself to the west and southwest of Alki [Beach] or along the bluffs of the North Admiral district.” —Jeff Bearden, captain, King County Water Taxi


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