The deal with airplane food

Food Trucks Land at Sea-Tac Airport

For those waiting in airport limbo, a new host of food trucks help pass the time.

By Manola Secaira October 6, 2017

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Sea-Tac Airport's new food truck program serves up lunch and dinner for those waiting in the cell phone lot. 

You’ve found yourself waiting to pick up a friend at the airport, only to learn their airplane’s delayed an hour. The only thing you’ve got to stave off hunger and boredom is an unbranded mint in the cup holder you’re pretty sure came with the car. In short, airport limbo can be tedious.

But good news: Starting this week, Sea-Tac will host a daily cycle of food trucks twice a day from 10am to 1pm, and then again from 5 to 11pm. You’ll find the trucks in the cell phone lot—a parking space designed for waiting so cars don’t loiter too long in the Arrivals lanes—that’s located about a mile from Arrivals, off Airport Expressway. Drivers needn’t be concerned about losing space in the sometimes crowded lot, reports the Port of Seattle, who’s partnered with the Washington State Food Truck Association to make this happen: The trucks won’t impede upon any of the 180 parking spaces.

Director of the Washington State Food Truck Association Lori Johnson calls the deal a win for both local business owners and the average bored loiterer alike. Her husband, she says, often travels for work and she’s found herself listlessly waiting in the cell phone lot a few times herself.

“It’s really made everybody happy, from the travelers to the taxi drivers and airport staff,” Johnson says. Similar food truck programs have been met with success at other airports, she says, so Sea-Tac jumped at the idea when it was initially proposed.

Vehicular vendors include The Grilled Cheese Experience serving sandwiches oozing cheese, Ezell's Express II with their famous crispy fried chicken, and Romin Rome dishing authentic Chicago-style pizza. A wider variety of cuisine is coming, and the full listing is on the Best Food Trucks website

For the next three months, the service is pilot program, so Johnson says hours might eventually change. Plus, she also expects to schedule new crops of food trucks at different locations around Sea-Tac, serving more than just the heroes who pick people up at the airport.

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