The wind blows dusty shale across your boots as you trek across alpine tundra, along a ridge 6,200 feet above sea level. Yes, this is the entry to Grand Valley, but it gets better. Hike downhill along the gently sloping Badger Valley trail into the valley itself—named after a ranger’s favorite horse, not the critter. Continue on to Moose Lake—where there are no moose—and you’ll find a pristine alpine garden, home to marmot, deer, and the occasional bear or cougar. Lest you think this should be called Misnomer Valley, keep your eyes turned to the sweeping views of the Olympics as you trek in and out.
Insider Tip Snowfields often linger well into July along the ridge; exercise caution.
Distance from Downtown 95 miles, plus Edmonds-Kingston ferry
Permits and Passes National Park Entrance fee; dogs prohibited.
Map Elwha Green Trails no. 134S North/Hurricane Ridge

9 miles