The mountain, named after an English clergyman rather than Spanish meat (it’s “carn,” not “carnay”), offers panoramic views of the region—it just takes some commitment to get there. To reach the summit, hikers must overcome a steep set of seemingly endless switchbacks for an elevation gain of 3,600 feet (ouch). If you panic at the trailhead, you can always reroute to Spider Meadow. But hang on and, three miles farther, there’s a grove of larches that turn golden in the fall. Even the final ascent is softened by lupine, scarlet gilia, phlox, and asters lining the path. Once atop the 7,085-foot peak, face the four horizons and take it all in: the glistening ice of cloud-piercing Clark Mountain to the west; the fortress of Mount Stuart, king of the Enchantments; and to the north, Mount Maude, mighty matron of the Entiat Range. It’s practically a religious experience.
Distance from Downtown 130 miles
Permits and Passes Northwest Forest Pass
Map Green Trails no. 113 Holden

8 Miles