Washington Wine 2015

Top Grenache

Still a niche variety with only 268 acres planted in Washington (by comparison, cabernet has over 14,000), grenache is producing some of the state’s best wines.

09/09/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan


Top 100 Washington Wines of 2015

Our eighth annual ranking presents some of the highest-quality wines the state has produced in the last decade.

09/09/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

Washington Wine 2015

Top Bordeaux-Style Blends

Made of varying combinations of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, malbec, and petit verdot, these blends are becoming a calling card for the state.

09/09/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

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Weekly Wine Pick: Milbrandt Vineyards Traditions Pinot Gris Columbia Valley 2014

Despite being one of Washington’s most produced white grape varieties, pinot gris has yet to establish a clear identity in our state. This spritzy version bucks that trend.

09/01/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

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Weekly Wine Pick: Two Vintners Syrah Columbia Valley 2013

A blended syrah that combines the best of each designation.

08/25/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan


Pike and Western Wine Shop Celebrates 40 Years

Owner Michael Teer on the iconic corner store and the industry that helped it grow.

08/20/2015 By Aoife Reilly

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Weekly Wine Pick: Mercer Estates Sauvignon Blanc Yakima Valley 2014

A superb example of an oft-forgotten Washington grape.

08/18/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

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Weekly Wine Pick: Efeste Oldfield Estate Rosé Yakima Valley 2014

A rosé well worth a trip to Woodinville.

07/28/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

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Charles Smith Wines Jet City Opens in Georgetown

It's...pretty impressive.

07/24/2015 By Allecia Vermillion

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Weekly Wine Pick : Les Trouvés Red Wine Columbia Valley 2013

"It's not something that you have to stroke your beard and ponder. It's more quaffable."

07/21/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

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Weekly Wine Pick: Maison Bleue Lisette Rosé of Grenache Columbia Valley 2014

Few winemakers in the state are experimenting with grenache for rosé; here's one of the vanguard.

07/15/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

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Weekly Wine Pick: EFESTE Evergreen Riesling Ancient Lakes 2013

A white wine perfect for cooling down warm summer days

07/08/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

Fashionable Causes

Save the Date: Wine, Women, and Shoes

And it's for charity. What's not to love?

06/26/2015 By Christina Tiberio

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Weekly Wine Pick: Kiona Merlot Columbia Valley 2012

Washington merlot is a different animal than that found elsewhere in the world. Here's a superb example of what makes it special.

06/16/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

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Weekly Wine Pick: Novelty Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2012

A high-quality, high-value wine from one of the state’s longest-tenured winemakers

06/09/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

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Weekly Wine Pick: Stevens Winery StevensTimley Malbec Yakima Valley 2012

A malbec that runs against the grain

05/19/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan

Three Day Play

5 Destinations for Memorial Day 2015

Yes, it's happening already. Don't waste your Memorial Monday off.

05/11/2015 By Allison Williams

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Sean Sullivan's Weekly Wine Pick: Shooting Star Aligoté Washington 2013

Acreage of this grape is so scarce it doesn’t even register on the state’s annual grape report.

05/05/2015 By Sean P. Sullivan