Royal Visit

Take Beyoncé and Jay-Z Shopping

Hip-hop's reigning royals pay Seattle a visit and we dream up their perfect shopping route.

07/15/2014 By Amanda Zurita

Suit & Tie

Take Justin Timberlake Shopping

We imagine where the suave star would shop in Seattle in anticipation of his show on Friday, January 17.

01/14/2014 By Amanda Zurita

Roaring Twenties

Take Gatsby and Daisy Shopping

In celebration of film release, we take the ill-fated lovers on a shopping spree through Seattle's most suitable boutiques.

05/13/2013 By Amanda Zurita

When Doves Shop

Take Prince Shopping

His pop majesty Prince is playing four intimate shows in Seattle this month and we rounded up a list of local boutiques to suit his royal retail taste.

04/16/2013 By Amanda Zurita