Field Notes

One of the Town's Best Steak Houses Isn't a Steak House at All

The Ballard shop's weeknight wine bar is really a supreme beef-eating experience, which showcases cuts from Japanese Wagyu to a London broil.

04/12/2022 By Allecia Vermillion Photography by Amber Fouts

Seattle Dining Guide

Seattle's Greatest Steak Houses: A Primer

Where to find a great steak dinner (from Wagyu to sustainable local grass-fed beef) near you, perfect for a special occasion meal. Or any occasion at all.

04/06/2022 By Allecia Vermillion and Seattle Met Staff

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Sample the World in Three Decadent Steaks

Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood introduces its ultra-premium Wagyu Reserve Flight.



The Mighty, Meaty Steak Houses of Seattle

Temples of beef that age, grill, and sear meat into dining divinity.

08/14/2018 Edited by Rosin Saez

Beef Backgrounder

Here are 4 Chefs' Favorite Lesser-Known Cuts of Beef

Obscure trims of meat show up more and more on Seattle menus. These four steak house chefs break them down.

08/23/2017 By Rosin Saez

Critic's Notebook

And Seattle Met's 2016 Restaurant of the Year Is…

(Drumroll, please.)

10/13/2016 By Kathryn Robinson


Big Beef Is Back at Seven Beef and Bateau

These two new spots bust the steak house to bits. Really tasty bits.

03/28/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic’s Notebook

Huge Portions

Where to go when size matters.

04/02/2012 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic’s Notebook

Which Am I More Willing to Give Up: One Year of My Life or a Well-Marbled Rib Eye?

What last week’s red meat buzzkill from Harvard means for meat lovers.

03/19/2012 By Kathryn Robinson


John Howie’s Next Hotspot

The 411 on the Seastar owner’s beefy new resto in the 425.

08/26/2009 By Rachel Solomon


The Poor Man’s Steak

Hunting porcini in the Washington wild. 

12/19/2008 By Langdon Cook