Heat Check

Seattle Hot Sauces: 4 Fiery Favorites

Local condiments that add a kick to everything.

12/23/2019 By Rosin Saez

Condiment Craze

Olympia’s Habanero-Heavy Rooster Sauce is Coming North

What happens when a law school student has free time and a hankering for hot sauce.

06/13/2012 By Anne Larkin


The Weekly Spread: Ancho and Molasses BBQ Sauce at Rub With Love Shack

Tom Douglas reveals the formula behind his most popular barbecue sauce.

08/11/2011 By Saba Sulaiman


The Weekly Spread: Marination’s Nunya Sauce

What makes this zesty condiment so dang…zesty? Nunya business, say its inventors. We asked anyway.

06/06/2011 By Jessica Voelker


The Weekly Spread: Jalapeno-Mint Chutney at Hopvine Pub

The chef adds yogurt to offset the heat from this fresh Spring chop-up. It’s still pretty spicy.

05/24/2011 By Jessica Voelker