Critic's Notebook

The Restaurant Fix That Could Instantly Boost Ratings 

The one restaurant fix that could instantly do it. If only restaurants knew it.

04/24/2017 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

What Makes a Menu Great?

And which restaurant in Seattle hits it out of the park

03/30/2015 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

When Menus Mislead

An unbilled item shows up in a starring role on your dinner plate. Fun little extra or diner beware?

02/25/2013 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Mystery Menus

Would it kill restaurants to, I don’t know…use their menus to describe dishes? Apparently yes.

03/05/2012 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Latest Trend in Restaurant Menus: Listing the Staff

First it was the farm. Then it was the name of the fisherman. Now it’s the name of the dude who’s schlepping your plate.

11/21/2011 By Kathryn Robinson

Bar Openings

Even More Details on Canon Seattle

Jamie Boudreau describes the food concept at his new bar.


Dept. of Wha?

Menu Descriptions that…Aren’t

Beignets with pepitas, Bottarga, and Banyuls, anyone?

10/18/2010 By Kathryn Robinson