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Legislature Should Suspend Unfunded Charter Schools Initiative

Former state legislator Brendan Williams argues that—following the Seattle Times' logic that unfunded initiatives should be suspended—the legislature should overturn the unfunded charter-school measure passed this month.

11/28/2012 By Brendan Williams


Charter Schools Will Help Struggling Students

In a guest Cola op-ed, the manager of the Black Education Strategy Roundtable argues that charter schools are public schools.

10/10/2012 By Rosalund Jenkins

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It's the GOP that Pushed Cuts to Public Employee Pensions

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10/08/2012 By Morning Fizz


Our Public School Kids Deserve Better than I-1240

In a guest op/ed, former state senator Brendan Williams (D-22) calls the charter-school initiative "a social science experiment funded by the 1% that the 99% will ultimately pay for,"

10/03/2012 By Brendan Williams

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On Other Blogs Today: Charters, Health Insurance, State Auditor Smackdown, and More

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09/12/2012 By Erica C. Barnett