What’s Cooking?

Prepare for the holiday season with cookware from these kitchen shops.

10/20/2009 By Paul Fontana


Cheater, Cheater

Every woman loathes the Other Woman…but how does she feel about the Other Man?

09/15/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


What Not to Dare

Is Madonna too old to wear rabbit ears? Am I? What does it mean, dressing my age?

08/13/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


High-Style Tiles

Amely Wurmbrand uses mosaic and tiles to lend artful touches to her modern Shoreline home.

08/10/2009 By Christopher Werner


Let It Float

For Bjarko Serra architect Chris Serra and his partner Valerie Wersinger, updating a Seward Park, Paul Kirk split-level home meant honoring an artist in transition—and keeping owner Frances Locke happy, too.

07/15/2009 By Brian J. Barr


Who’s Calling?

A woman can earn her own financial independence, be fully the agent of her own body, freely pursue her own dreams. She is more than a man’s chattel; more than his romantic ideal. She walks alongside a man as his partner. But for all of feminism’s gr

07/14/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


City Sunsets

Seattle shops stock bright, sunny shades and cool, modern neutrals to while away summer evenings.

06/23/2009 By Laura Cassidy



Seattle company Method teams with architect Tom Lenchek of Balance Associates to bring Northwest style to the prefab real estate trend.

05/22/2009 By Jessica Voelker


This Room for Rent

If you’re looking for help paying your mortgage, take on a tenant to offset the costs.

04/23/2009 By Matthew Halverson


Till Disrespect Do Us Part

Seattle couples therapist John Gottman predicts marriage futures and spells out the four ways to burst the bubble of marital bliss.

04/22/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


Diggable Plants

Exotic houseplants, locally made pots, eco-chic designer accessories: Whether you’re all thumbs or green thumbs, these five plant shops will grow on you.

04/22/2009 By Katie Zipper


Special Delivery

Flowers are only lovely while they last, so present them in a vase with enduring appeal.

01/15/2009 By Laura Cassidy


What a Turn On

Let there be light: Shop for retro, rebuilt, and brand-new lighting designs.

01/04/2009 By Laura Cassidy


Living Large

No space? No problem. Here’s how to make the most of your humble abode.

12/13/2008 By Anna Roth