Fun with listicles

6 Bainbridge Island Dining Stops for Your Next Day Trip

Hop on a ferry for a change of scenery at these Bainbridge Island locales.

01/02/2020 By Seattle Met Staff With Annika Lindburg

Five Ways

Northwest Festival Forecast: November

Get busy with fall festivals devoted to startups, the weed business, and crafting.

11/08/2016 By Jack Russillo

Five Ways

Northwest Festival Forecast: October

The leaves are falling and the mushrooms, pumpkins, and ghosts are calling.

10/17/2016 By Jack Russillo

Get Out of Town

30 Perfect Day Trips

Get out of town with a culinary adventure at Cama Beach State Park, a scenic drive along the shores of Lake Cle Elum, one very unusual form of skydiving at iFly Seattle, or 26 more getaways within 90 minutes or less of Seattle.

09/25/2014 By Allison Williams With Lisa Han, Carey Rose, Abby Tracy, and Matt Pitchford


Day Trips 2013: Snow Chart

Where to ski? Where to board? We're on it.

10/01/2013 Photography by Allison Williams

Wholesome Pastimes

A Summer Guide to the Area's U-Pick Berry Farms

If you grew up in Washington, picking your own berries is practically a summertime ritual.

07/25/2013 By Shirley Qiu

Road Trips

Blow On Over to the Wind Farm

Central Washington’s windmill headquarters is open for the season.

04/03/2012 By Allison Williams

Weekend Plan

Five Things to Do Out of Town This Weekend

Put in your last round of Christmas food for the season, learn how to revamp your space, or sit back with some comedy.

01/06/2012 By Stephanie Rubesh

Day Trip

Free Day Trips on MLK Jr. Day

Don’t waste another three-day weekend.

01/05/2012 By Allison Williams


Bushwhacker Cider Pub Is Worth a Trip

Portland’s cider-only pub and seasonal tastings make for a worthy fall destination.

10/04/2011 By Allie Oosta

Weekend Plan

Five Things to Do Out of Town This Weekend

Try a seven-course dinner or a run for a good cause.

09/30/2011 By Stephanie Rubesh

Weekend Plan

Five Things to Do Out of Town This Weekend

Summer’s still kicking in Port Townsend, Yakima, and Lake Chelan.

09/09/2011 By Allison Williams

Weekend Pass

Five Things to Do Out of Town This Weekend

It’s Labor Day weekend. Stop working already.

09/02/2011 By Allison Williams


Five Things to do Out of Town This Weekend

Run, drink, or put on your best fancy hat for a day at the races.

08/19/2011 By Allison Williams


Maryhill Museum of Art Is Worth a Trip

Beside the Big River highlights life along the Columbia.

07/06/2011 By Abby Tracy