Seattle Proposes Not-So-Green "Green" Street

The city has plans for turning Thomas St. into a bike- and pedestrian-friendly "green" street. But with car-centric concessions being made to the deep bore tunnel, how green is it really?

07/08/2010 By Josh Cohen


The Case For Separated Bicycle Facilities

Author and journalist Tom Vanderbilt makes a strong case for separated bicycle infrastructure. Seattle has some reading to do.

07/06/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: Burke-Gilman Rights-of-Way

In the first installment of our new weekly feature, "Ask BikeNerd," Josh C. answers a reader question about stop and yield signs along the Burke-Gilman trail.

07/02/2010 By Josh Cohen


More Righteous Advocates. Please?

With so many problems plaguing bicyclists, it can be tough to decide where to draw the line and fight. Bike Nerd is convinced that vehicles parked in bike lanes is one of those lines.

06/30/2010 By Josh Cohen


Bike Master Plan Keeps Rolling With 7th Ave Buffered Lanes

The city's Bike Master Plan is moving slowly, so it's easy to get cynical about Seattle's commitment to bike infrastructure. But the latest improvements—buffered bike lanes, plans for cycletracks—represent concrete steps in the right direction.

06/29/2010 By Josh Cohen