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On Other Blogs Today: Bike Taxes, Payday Loans, and "Lying Whores"

Our daily roundup.

02/21/2013 By Erica C. Barnett


Friday Jolt: Cyclists on Vashon

The day's winners and losers. Image via National Resources Defense Council on Flickr.

08/31/2012 By Afternoon Jolt

Get Out

Seattle's Paved Bike Routes

More and more, the best way to get around this city and the surrounding area is self-propelled, and on two wheels. Here are 6 trails to encourage you even more.

05/18/2012 By Allison Williams


New Report on Bike and Ped Funding Concludes: "Not Fair."

A new report concludes that we're cycling and walking more---but paying for bike and pedestrian improvements less.

01/30/2012 By Erica C. Barnett

The C is for Crank

That Word Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

A suspected drunk driver kills a cyclist in Kirkland; police call the death an "unfortunate accident."

12/09/2011 By Erica C. Barnett

The C is for Crank

Two Takes on McGinn's Road Safety Summit

Two divergent takes on this week's first-ever citywide Road Safety Summit. Image via Cascade Bicycle Club.

10/26/2011 By Erica C. Barnett

The C is for Crank

Fact: Road Diets Work.

Road diets work, SDOT's latest data demonstrate. Image by West Seattle Blog.

10/21/2011 By Erica C. Barnett

The C is for Crank

Is Bike Ridership Really Down?

Is bike ridership really "falling throughout Seattle"? That's not what the numbers say. Image via SDOT.

10/20/2011 By Erica C. Barnett

The C is for Crank

The Case for Lowering Speed Limits

The safety case for lowering speed limits on neighborhood streets.

10/17/2011 By Erica C. Barnett

The C is for Crank

The Value of A Cyclist's Life: $42.

Teenage driver who mowed down a cyclist on the side of a Kirkland road gets a $42 fine.

10/14/2011 By Erica C. Barnett


PubliCalendar Picks: 6th Annual Seattle Bike-In

Bicycling, an 80's film, & live music curated by the Vera Project. A true Seattlite's delight.

08/26/2011 By Lummy Lin

On Other Blogs

Sightline's Alan Durning: Let Cities Lower Speed Limits

At the Seattle Times, Sightline's Alan Durning argues that the it's time to allow cities to lower speed limits without going through an extensive and costly traffic impact study.

08/02/2011 By Erica C. Barnett


Children's Hospital to Invest $2M to Improve Bike and Ped Infrastructure

As part of their $1 billion expansion and 20-year comprehensive transportation plan, Seattle Children's hospital is spending $2 million to improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Northeast Seattle.

10/28/2010 By Josh Cohen


Q&A With a Bike-Riding Bus Driver: Can Bikes and Buses Coexist?

Transportation advocates often lump bikes and buses into the same alternatives-to-SOVs category, but in the real world, bikes and buses can actually pose a conflict to each other. This Q&A with a bike-commuting Metro bus driver examines at those confl

10/26/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: The Truth About Truing

This week's Ask BikeNerd deals with the extremely important, but somewhat daunting task of truing bike wheels. Not sure what that even means, let alone how to do it? Read on.

10/22/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: The Lake on the Burke-Gilman Trail

This week's Ask BikeNerd deals with a newly formed safety hazard on the Burke Gilman trail. In attempting to fix a problematic spot near Gas Works, SDOT inadvertently created an extra problem.

10/15/2010 By Josh Cohen


Bicycling Offers Things Cars and Buses Simply Cannot

Righteous bike advocates love to talk about saving the environment and curbing obesity when they hype biking as a viable transportation alternate. Yawn. While those are important things, they don't capture why biking is really better than sitting in your

10/14/2010 By Josh Cohen

Arts & Culture

Seattle Bicycle Film Festival Starts Tonight

The 10th Annual Bicycle Film Festival kicks off its three-day Seattle stint tonight at Western Bridge (3412 4th Ave S). Get ready for more bike culture, plaid buttonups, and Rainier tallboys than you can shake a stick at.

10/08/2010 By Josh Cohen


Is Education The Real Key To Getting More People on Bikes?

Quality infrastructure has long been touted as the key to boosting the number of bicyclists. But, a recent campaign in Bellingham shows that targeted education can have a seriously significant influence on the number of riders on the road.

10/05/2010 By Josh Cohen


Ask BikeNerd: Tools of the Trade and Post-Accident Advice

This week's Ask BikeNerd answers questions on preparing for the inevitable flat tires and mechanical issues and how to handle yourself after getting hit by a car.

10/01/2010 By Josh Cohen