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Seattle Independent Bookstore Day Offers an Alternative to Amazon

Travel to 19 local bookstores over the day and get a card that knocks 25 percent off purchases for the following year.

04/27/2018 By Stefan Milne

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It's Still an 8-1 City Council

In big Amazon vote, Herbold joins majority while leading way on workers' rights and free speech.

01/12/2016 By Josh Feit

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Morning Fizz: Watch Out Amazon

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring the minimum wage, online shopping, and total compensation.

01/03/2014 By Morning Fizz

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Morning Fizz: Permanent

Caffeinated news and gossip featuring Amazon workers, city hall, and welfare.

12/16/2013 By Morning Fizz

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Morning Fizz: Including KC Sheriff John Urquhart

Caffeinated News & Gossip

07/29/2013 By Morning Fizz

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Geekwire: Amazon Looking at Downtown Property

Amazon looking to add space downtown.

02/15/2012 By Josh Feit

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To Ensure Compliance with the City’s Ethical Standards

Friday (quotes) Edition starring: Richard Conlin; the capital budget; and

05/27/2011 By Morning Fizz

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Why Ask Voters to Pay Twice?

Mayor McGinn's brilliant April Fool's gag ... and Seattle Transit Blog's more brilliant April Fool's gag; the state budget; the other anti-tunnel campaign; stadium taxes; and doesn't pay taxes.

04/03/2011 By Morning Fizz