Thursday Jolt: Anti-Jolt

Today's winners and losers.

11/03/2011 By Afternoon Jolt


Monday Jolt: Eyman Initiative Slipping in Polls

Today's winners and losers. Two losers.

10/24/2011 By Afternoon Jolt

Morning Fizz

"With a Nebulous Set of Demands"

Friday Edition. Caffeinated news & gossip starring: Tim Eyman; Boeing; Karl Rove; Westlake Park; and fundraising numbers.

10/21/2011 By Morning Fizz


I-1125: Tim Eyman vs. Microsoft

Supporters of Tim Eyman's Initiative 1125 say it protects taxpayers by ensuring tolls are predictable, fair, and don't go on forever. Opponents say the measure would leave projects like the SR-520 in the red and scuttle voter-approved light rail to the Ea

10/19/2011 By Erica C. Barnett


SEIU Measure Flags Bad Signatures; Eyman Makes Ballot

Health care worker initiative catches fraudulent signatures in its own petitions; Tim Eyman qualifies for ballot and boasts about high validity rate.

07/22/2011 By Josh Feit