Workout Bag Essentials for Your New Year's Resolution

Nothing motivates us to get to the gym like a really well-stocked gym bag.

By Zoe Sayler

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Moop's tiny zip pouch will help keep your bag organized.

Image: Courtesy Moop

Resolutions are granted a grace period until at least the federally recognized celebration of New Year's day has passed—but now that it's officially 2023, it's time to at least start thinking about packing your gym bag. We've got you covered. 


Resolving to hit the gym and resolving to drink more water go hand in hand. A 32-ounce bottle lets you knock out a good chunk of your recommended daily intake in one fell swoop (without dedicating your precious gym bag space to one of those enormous jugs), plus it's got Miir's classic sleek look and a convenient handle.

When you don't have time for a complete post-workout refresh, a spritz of facial toner will leave you feeling clean and actually help remove any sweat and oil buildup. Seattle-based French Girl sells theirs in two rejuvenating floral scents

Don't pull up to spin class with a super cute outfit only to realize you're wearing knee-high wool socks, or that mismatched novelty pair you got in your stocking; keep a set (or six) of local sustainable sock purveyor Arvin Goods' light, odor-fighting athletic style in tow.

Always rushing to find your Orca card or car keys? Fill this cute little pouch with everything you might need immediately after exercising for easy access, whether it's a tube of lip tint or a Starbucks gift card for a congratulatory latte. 

One unfortunate truth about sweat-related New Year's resolutions: Blemish-related situations often result. French Girl's organic, plant-based blend of oils, including rosemary and tea tree oil, soothes the skin and helps prevent future breakouts.

For a seamless transition to work, happy hour, or just a more put-together trip home, easy hair accessories are a gym-bag must. Our favorites come from local powerhouse Chunks—this claw clip's a medium size that'll work for most hair (consider mini or Nimbus if yours is particularly short or thick, respectively) and the still-trendy checker print goes with everything.

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