All You Ever Wanted for a Summer Vacation

Prep for sun—we know, it's weird!—with these local trip essentials.

By Zoe Sayler

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There's no better time to be in Seattle than the summer. There's also no better time to escape. Whether you're jet-setting to distant shores or road-tripping to the Washington coast, bring along these vacation-ready picks from local shops.

These products were chosen by our editorial staff from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place

Eighth Generation believes in "Inspired Natives, not Native-Inspired"—this vibrant, 100 percent cotton beach towel, and everything else in this Snoqualmie tribe–owned shop, was designed by an Indigenous artist. 

We like our carry-on bags like we like our blue skies: expansive, and dotted with puffy white clouds. Don't fret about the light fabric—it's machine washable.

If your vacation fantasy includes being the beautiful stranger sipping a martini by the pool or reading a novel on the airplane, accessorize with these oversize oval sunglasses from Reality Eyewear. Made from recycled materials, because you've got the substance to match.

Adventure-focused Roark wastes no precious space in this portable, hangable, damn good looking travel bag. Twenty-two inches of zipper- and velcro-close pouches, including a hidden pocket for valuables, pack up into a compact and carry-on friendly 10-by-six inch package.

There's no greater conversation starter than realizing you've met another PNWer all the way across the globe. Get there quicker with a simple black-and-white snapback that pairs well with a suitcase full of holiday looks.

Airplanes are clean...right? Toss a few unscented, biodegradable cleaning wipes in your purse or carry-on to scrub away any uncertainty. 

Capture memories and secure them, too: This beautiful, Portland-made, natural leather camera strap holds fast to your SLR without any uncomfortable metal hardware.

Your impeccably planned skincare routine should extend to your choice of SPF: Kari Gran's organic sunscreen staves off UV rays (and premature aging), while hydrating botanical oils leave skin looking healthier than ever.

Some call it a vacation. Others call it a great excuse to go golfing. These shorts from Radmor suit either motive: The slightly stretchy, comfortably tailored fit and full-coverage eight-inch inseam look great on the course or out to dinner, while UPF 50+ fabric protects from summer rays.

This hat's breakaway chin strap, super wide brim, and UPF 50+ fabric keep little ones up to age four (or so) safe in the sun.

Seattleites would be forgiven for getting a little too optimistic about sunny climes—but that doesn't make an evening sans sweatshirt any less chilly. This lightweight, just-in-case hoodie packs well in a carry-on and reps the Mariners, too.

Heaps of sunscreen, nighttime layers, and beach reads threaten to overwhelm the average bag, which the Moop Porter certainly is not. Complete with two water bottle pockets, a secure zip compartment, a key clip, and a detachable shoulder strap, this roomy, water-resistant tote carries utilitarian fashion and function in spades.

This travel pack from Seattle Sundries carries the bare necessities for a luxurious shaving routine on the go, from a stainless steel lather bowl to a puck of artistically packaged shave soap.

Ever wish for a slightly more sophisticated take on the propeller hat? Your prayers have been heard. This colorblock baby cap (made from upcycled bed linens) protects little eyes and ears from the sun and looks downright whimsical.

Cult favorite bag brand Baggu has added insulation to its extensive line of carry-alls. This fun, ultra-summery pool-print cooler, complete with a handle and shoulder strap, holds a twelve-pack plus some snacks. 

Don't rely on your Airbnb host—or, god forbid, a campsite bathroom—to fulfill your hygiene needs. This travel pack carries plant-based, linen-scented hand soap, dish soap, and a multipurpose cleaner in two-ounce sizes ideal for freshening up just about anywhere. (It's also a great way to sample L'Avant products, if you're thinking about switching.)

Little ones need to be shielded from the sun. You need a little poolside entertainment. These adorable mirrored sunglasses block UV rays and make kids up to age five or so look like tiny movie stars.

A cozy, neutral tank top pairs great with anything, from classic black board shorts to those daring floral swim trunks you're trying out this year; nab Proto101's relaxed, soft-and-stretchy version in a few colors and wear it every day.

Why should Seattleites emerge from months of little sun anything less than shimmering? With a subtle but buildable hint of sparkle, a botanical scent that reflects its all-organic ingredient list, and four color options (including this tan-imparting bronzee), French Girl’s shea and argan shimmer oil makes it feel like it’s been summer all year long.

Poolside fashion just got…well, fashionable. Yume Yume updates the flip-flop with a square shape inspired by the Japanese geta sandal and an exaggerated upper. Pick from an array of colors and fabrics, including black vegan leather and this sunny floral jacquard.

Rash guards shouldn't interfere with your beach day style. This zip-through long-sleeve goes on easy and pairs well with high-waisted bottoms.

The secret to vacation organization? Bags within bags within bags. Soli and Sun's cute pink pouch is perfect for carrying a trip's worth of toiletries, and it holds its own for everyday use, too.

All the joy of letting a kid have their own, mini-me carry on, none of the misplaced responsibility. This cute, waterproof cotton jellyfish bag carries some toys, a couple snacks, and it's fun enough that they might just remember to grab it themselves.

A versatile T-shirt dress saves space in your suitcase and serves double (triple, quadruple?) duty, depending how you accessorize: sandals and a bucket hat for a day in the sun, bold jewelry for a night out. It even works great as a swimsuit coverup.

Beach reads, meet beach readers: Available in a variety of strengths, these classic sunglasses deserve a permanent place in your warm-weather tote bag.

Dads who refuse to vacation without an eyewear retainer are onto something: There's no greater bummer than losing your favorite sunglasses before your trip has truly begun. This beaded chain, though, is a serious aesthetic improvement.

Keep hands clean on the go with this subtly citrusy sanitizer mist from Seattle-based fragrance brand Antica Farmacista.

Beach hair, kinda care a little bit to be honest—toss Chunks' black-and-white checked claw clip in with your toiletries and spend your entire trip with a super easy, impressively fashionable updo. 

Handcrafted leather luggage tags in three rich, earthy colors help you pick your suitcase out of the baggage claim lineup with ease—who else's looks this elegant?

A light cotton sweater comes in handy on a chilly airplane ride or heading to dinner with hair still wet from the beach. This one from luxury knitwear company Sskein will become a yearlong staple.

Taking little ones on an airplane is tough enough without playing 52-Cheerio pickup. Prevent spills and lessen messes with these mom-designed snacktime essentials (that also make a great baby shower gift).

Cap your suitcase off with a fashion statement. Brixton's stylish felt hat can take a rolling, squishing, or folding, and pairs great with a bohemian holiday aesthetic once it pops back into shape.

Make your weekend trips a tad more sophisticated with Feller's waterproof, zippered bag—small enough to pack in one hand, big enough to carry everything you need.

It can be tough to find a sunscreen that checks all the boxes: safe for marine wildlife, SPF 50, water-resistant, easy to apply, lightweight and transparent. This summery-smelling Vacation spray packs all that in cute, nostalgic packaging to boot.

A loose rattan weave helps this roomy, beach-ready tote bag shed sand—though it doesn't have to go coastal to scream vacation. 

Boldly go to the beach (or hiking trail, or restaurant) in Roark's elastic-waist board shorts, made from a hemp and recycled polyester blend. The six-inch inseam keeps these fashionably short but still comfy for most wearers. 

We wouldn't plan to get too much sun—but we wouldn't plan to spend the trip holed up with a painful burn, either. Come prepared with a super soothing combo of aloe vera, green tea, and cucumber in Vacation's tropical scent.

This packable Baggu blanket is a great one to toss in your car for use on roadtrips, picnics, and spontaneous beachside jaunts all summer long. 

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