Big-Deal Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts at Every Budget

All that glitters is gold.

By Zoe Sayler

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What doesn't matter when it comes to Valentine's Day jewelry: How much it costs.

What does matter when it comes to Valentine's Day jewelry: How much thought you put into picking it.

That is to say: Truly special, wear-forever, I-love-you-and-I-mean-it gifts exist across the entire price spectrum. Whether your lover's been on the receiving end of years of sparkles, or it's your first time making a big jewelry purchase, you can find a list of local gifts that'll mean the world below.

These products were chosen by our editor from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place.

Under $200

Local jewelry designer Twyla Dill makes immediately recognizable creations out of hand-dyed, resin-dipped lace. This size-nine ring in a fiery red presents a one-of-a-kind way to approach the Valentine's Day gift: It's jewelry, and it's red, but it's far from traditional.

If circles symbolize that yours-forever kind of love, then this bracelet says eternity at least 11 times over. As happens to be true with a lot of Luly Yang's fashion designs, its intricacy belies its versatility. Whether your giftee's a jeans-and-button-up type or someone who's always looking for a reason to dress up, it's a match made in heaven. 

One of the wisest choices you can make when it comes to gifting jewelry on a budget? Stick with something small and simple: A pair of sweet pearl and 14-karat rose gold studs makes for a super special gift that will stand the test of time.



Under $500

A sister gem to emerald and aquamarine, subtly pink morganite offers a romantic color appropriate for Valentine's Day. Its unique hue and natural shape on this one-of-a-kind, size-8.25 ring by Seattle-based jewelry designer Silver and Salt makes for a supremely personal gift.

If you suspect that fashion comes first on your giftee's list of jewelry preferences, designer Luly Yang always brings something clever and timeless to the table—but her dedication to craft ensures that this distinctive pair of alternating pearl earrings doesn't just look special.

When gems aren't right but you're looking to give a gift that lasts, both in high-quality material and versatility, a simple chain offers a golden, gender-neutral solution. Gold-filled jewelry gives the solid stuff a run for its money on the longevity front if cared for properly, and wins the affordability game by a long shot.


Under $1,000

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but rubies are way more festive. (And if her birthday's in July, they're also her birthstone—take note.) These petite 3.5mm gems, set in 14-karat gold from longtime eco-conscious Seattle jewelry shop Fancy, strike the perfect balance between glamorous and understated.

Transparent gemstones get a lot of credit come Valentine's Day. Opaque stones, like turquoise or its versatile mineral soul sibling, howlite, suit a more casual jewelry wearer best. The recycled 14-karat yellow gold chain elevates this bright bracelet to a holiday-worthy gift.

For a serious statement that doesn't break the bank, consider this luxe and intricate Luly Yang necklace made from cubic zirconia—comparably complex jewelry made from diamonds would cost exponentially more—plus, the less-durable, lab-made gem should last just fine on a standout piece that's only worn on special occasions.


Under $5,000

Seattle jewelry designer Francesca Lacagnina has been making ethically sourced fine jewelry since 2008 after an illustrious 20-year stint as an artist and photographer; her background in other visual arts shines through her pieces' focus on natural textures, which makes even opulent pearl earrings feel informal enough for everyday wear.

Much like the two of you, this ring from fine jeweler Turgeon Raine was made to last through a lifetime of changes, thanks to the band's unique stretch. The combination of 18-karat rose gold and 30 round rubies feels particularly appropriate for the holiday.

Local designer Twyla Dill (who you might recognize from the red-and-sterling-silver ring featured above) also dabbles in fine jewelry. This 14-karat gold necklace combines delicate, wine-colored lacework with the bold statement only a two-inch pendant can make.


Ultra luxury

Diamond tennis bracelet. Pearl earrings. Birthstone ring. Been there, done that. For the giftee who has just about everything sparkling, consider turning to uncommon (and festive) color combinations of super high-quality gems and gold. 

Looking to gift a timeless piece of fine jewelry that doesn't feel like a cliché? Irregularly shaped baroque pearls offer a fashionable and ever-varied take on the classic pearl necklace that feels as of-the-moment as a wear-forever gift can. 

One of the oldest diamond cuts in the world, the pear-shaped briolette cut is known for its unique ability to reflect light—the entire gemstone is visible at once—and its antique, Victorian-style appeal. Whether you're adding to a pre-existing collection or looking to start one with an especially memorable gift, this cluster of briolette diamonds makes for a beautifully unexpected choice.

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