Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Sometimes romance looks like a Rainiers hat.

By Zoe Sayler

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The recipe for a perfect Valentine's Day gift? Cozy and red.

We love loveTrying to find a genuinely romantic gift among a sea of red silk ties, though, we're not quite so enamored with. But amorous presents for men abound—and they look a lot like the accoutrements of the things they love, or the things you love to do together. Here are our recommendations for local gifts tailored to your special someone.

These products were chosen by our editor from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place.

This mixed media art piece by Casey McGlynn offers a tongue-in-cheek approach to Valentine's Day gifting by drawing on holiday motifs while foregoing the lovey dovey (in a way that totally says "I see you and I love you" all the same). See more art.

Those on a quest for a gift that's sweet and thoughtful but decidedly low-key, look no further. See gifts for him under $20.

Forgive us for approaching the Valentine's Day gift in such a straightforward way—it's red and it's cozy, we get it—but what gift would be more welcome several months into the Pacific Northwest's infamous Big Dark than an exceptionally soft cashmere sweater in holiday red? Doubles as a very cute (and supremely huggable) look for a Valentine's Day date. See more Extreme Cashmere.

Our revised list of love languages would definitely include "memory foam insoles" and "slippers that stand up to the outdoors." PNW-born Staheekum carries both in spades. See more from Staheekum.

Best paired with a bottle of red, this non-snobby book demystifies various elements of wine that once seemed the exclusive domain of experts—like why you smell your glass in the first place—as well as practical concerns, like how to pick a bottle at the supermarket and how long to keep it once you do. Target audience: home chefs who want to better understand food pairings, beer enthusiasts looking to dabble in another medium, and anyone who sees "romance" primarily as a verb. See more books.

What archetypal loverboy do you most associate with the rose? The flirtatious tango dancer? Belle's Beast? Finding a truly romantic gift in the menswear department is no small feat, but Seattle designer Luly Yang's rose gold lapel pin exceeds expectations. Whether your giftee frequents black-tie events or enjoys the rare occasion to dress up, they'll think of you every time. See more from Luly Yang.

One beautiful, high-quality pen is worth a thousand Bics. For someone whose work setup could use a little sprucing, an avid journaler, or perhaps your long-distance, letter-writing love, this petite gel rollerball pen feels great and won't dry out, even when the cap's off. Maybe gift it alongside a nice journal for good measure. See more stationery.

How are you supposed to kiss them through the phone if their battery is constantly fighting for its life? This charging pad with art deco accents looks great on a desk or a bedside table (and defies the constant misplacing that plagues cord chargers). See more charging pads. 

If the old adage "opposites attract" resonates with you and your partner, perhaps yin and yang—a Chinese philosophy describing harmony in nature's opposing forces—feels like an apt symbol. Printed on fashion-favorite Jungmaven's breezy, lightweight hemp tee for a vintage feel and serious favorite shirt potential. Shop more Jungmaven.

If you've got a dedicated home chef in your life, count your many well-seasoned blessings. And then gift them something that says, "Thank you for cooking. You'll look so great in this apron. What's for dinner?" This sturdy canvas apron from Seattle-based EH Works is as simple and functional as it is good-looking. See more kitchen supplies.

If we accept that a single rose is more romantic than an entire bouquet, it follows that a single, meaningful gift is more romantic than an amalgam of smaller ones. And in some cases, romantic just won't do—but a thoughtful combo gift might. We'd pair this charcoal soap (great for post-workout) with a barber comb and some chocolates (also great for post-workout). See more from French Girl.

Ah, the Seattle man's one true love: Rainier Beer. Well, this hat technically celebrates the Tacoma Rainiers baseball team, but that's neither here nor there. For a partner who'd be more romanced by a six-pack of beer than a bottle of bubbly, we think this hat and some Vitamin R would make a swoon-worthy pair. See more local fan gear.

This is one of our best-selling products for a reason. Pardon the pun. See more Seattle T-shirts.

We're tired of tracking down our misplaced Airpods, and we're not going to take it anymore. These (similarly Bluetooth enabled) foldable headphones offer serious sound quality, a 25-hour battery life, and a look that doesn't have to hide to be chic. See them in another color.

The ideal gift for craft-cocktail-and-camping enthusiasts—aka just about every Seattle man ever? This insulated lowball from Seattle drinkware brand Miir elevates park drinking to imbibing in the great outdoors. See more drinkware.

Sometimes Valentine's Day gifting involves striking a careful balance between benevolence and subtle hinting. This huge, 48-inch fire pit checks the generous box, and immediately conjures images of parties with friends, or romantic evenings with a by a crackling fire. Subtle? Not so much. Ship it anywhere in the lower 48, or pick it up in Twisp for a discountSee more from HotSpot Fire Pits.

Say it simply: I love you so much. Here's a really good-smelling, locally made candle to prove it. See more from Cancelled Plans.

Extreme Cashmere's extremely nice beanie features double-layer cashmere (that's got enough elastane to keep its shape), a pretty pastel pink (an undersung but universally flattering Valentine's Day color), and blessed machine washability. Plus, you can totally borrow it. See more hats.

What is a relationship between two Pacific Northwesterners if not a commitment to adventuring together? In addition to a Valentine-appropriate Sequoia-red outer, this manageable Patagonia pack includes a work-ready computer sleeve and a hike-ready hydration reservoir, for the Seattleite who can do both. See more backpacks.

The only thing more romantic than roses? Rose Bowls. See more UW gear.

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