Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Romantics hopelessly lost in a sea of jewelry and heart-shaped chocolates, this one's for you.

By Zoe Sayler

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A step up from a box of chocolates.

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We know, we know: Valentine's Day is a Hallmark-crafted conspiracy designed to turn the hopelessly devoted into devoted consumers of all things greeting card and candy heart. And yet...there's nothing like making a loved one feel, well, loved. Here are our recommendations for local gifts that impart meaning to February 14.

These products were chosen by our editor from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place.

It can be difficult to show restraint when it comes to finding a special piece of jewelry for a partner. After all, shouldn't it be as bright and shining as they are? But less is often more, as this simple, single-pearl necklace so elegantly proves. The heirloom version in particular offers some symbolism of its own: With the right care, that solid gold chain will keep its luster forever. See more jewelry.

Valentine's Day reminds us to focus on the romantic elements of our relationships. But what about the cuddly ones? Give the gift of being wrapped in a lover's embrace with this super cozy, heart-red cashmere shawl from (which also transforms into a top, a skirt, a throw blanket, or even a decorative runner). See more from Extreme Cashmere.

This portable lamp from Seattle- and Amsterdam-based design studio Graypants offers all the romance of a dinner by candlelight, with a glow that'll last forever. See more from Graypants. 

If circles symbolize that yours-forever kind of love, then this bracelet says eternity at least 11 times over. As happens to be true with a lot of Luly Yang's fashion designs, its intricacy belies its versatility. Whether your giftee's a jeans-and-button-up type or someone who's always looking for a reason to dress up, it's a match made in heaven. See more from Luly Yang.

Whether you've been gifting Valentine's Day jewelry for years or just want to set an intention, this understated jewelry box provides plenty of room to grow. See more from Bezel and Kiln. 

We're way more likely to sing in the rain Gene Kelly–style with the right footgear, and Seattle-based Chooka's fashionable, chunky-heeled maroon booties fit the bill. If pink's more their speed, we also like this mid-height Ballard boot in mauve. See more from Chooka.

A nice pair of sunglasses has nearly the same effect as jewelry, without all those pesky, hyper-romantic connotations—though this fashionable and durable pair in pretty petal pink makes a great present for lovers, too. We'd especially recommend gifting sunnies as a way to announce a vacation to warmer climes. Cough, cough. See more sunglasses.

A fire pit is a gift made for folks whose love language is actually acts of service—sometimes "reigniting the spark" is as simple as that. See more from HotSpot fire pits.

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but rubies are way more festive. (And if her birthday's in July, they're also her birthstone—take note.) These petite 3.5mm gems, set in 14-karat gold from longtime eco-conscious Seattle jewelry shop Fancy, strike the perfect balance between glamorous and understated. See more from Fancy.

This casual beanie from Seattle-designed cashmere line Paychi Guh (named for founder Paychi Karen Guh) makes a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for just about anyone, whether you're shopping for your new girlfriend, your longtime partner, your daughter, your grandmother...you get the idea. Warm hat, warm heart. 

If the bright-red colorway doesn't feel right, consider the subtler currant or a fashion-forward black beret. See more from Paychi Guh.

Give the gift of a natural glow with French Girl's hydrating organic body oil, formulated with argan oil, mango butter, and a rose essential oil blend (that pairs great with a real-life bouquet—hint, hint). See more body oil.

A satiny, bordeaux-colored, peplum-accented puffer coat might be as close to a fancy Valentine's Day gift as some Seattle women are willing to go, and we adore them for that. Seattle fashion designer Luly Yang has (unsurprisingly) mastered the art of the dress puffer, with ultrawarm goose down fill; flattering, angled quilting; and a rain-ready hood. See more women's outerwear.

Sometimes a thoughtfully planned date is better than any gift you can put in a box. Taking the time to light some candles and arrange a charcuterie board on this heart-shaped marble server accomplishes both. See more charcuterie boards.

We can't possibly capture this fragrance like the folks at Seattle-based Antica Farmacista have: With notes of black rose, cognac, leather, and creme brulee vanilla (among others), this is a scent "for when you want to dissolve into a dancing heat...exuding power and confidence" and one that leaves "a sensory imprint like no one else." If that sort of sultry evening feels like your kind of romance, spritz on. See more Antica Farmacista.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. We can't think of a better way to tell your loved one they're the fairest of them all than this handmade mosaic mirror (which, thanks to some pre-installed hardware, actually happens to be easy to hang up). See more mirrors.

Is your sweetheart the type who'd be swept off her feet by a new outfit picked special for a Valentine's Day date? Don't forget the fancy footwear. See more from Corre.

Your gift doesn't have to be a splurge to be romantic—but it certainly doesn't hurt. This platinum bracelet combines 48 baguette diamonds, 24 round rubies, and a whole lot of wow factor. See more from Turgeon Raine.

Firmly believe in the longevity of your relationship? This wine's best served about 5 to 10 years from now. See more red wine.

Swedish designer Annika Inez's sculptural take on heart earrings satisfy the need for a theme-appropriate gift—and the need for one that's still super wearable well beyond February. See more earrings.

Say it simply: I love you so much. Here’s a really good-smelling, locally made candle to prove it. See more from Cancelled Plans.


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