Our Favorite Local Coffee Mugs

Pep up your coffee break.

By Zoe Sayler

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Image: Courtesy Moop

Coffee's not about the vessel for caffeine-obsessed Seattleites. But doesn't that $20 bag of beans deserve the best? From one-of-a-kind handmade mugs to mugs that support local sports teams, these will make your mornings (and mid-mornings, and afternoons) a little less bitter. Unless you like them that way.

These products were chosen by our editorial staff from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place

There's nothing ordinary about this mug, from its matte charcoal finish to its unique, oversize loop handle. Check it out in a few different colors—or this especially exaggerated cobalt matte hairpin version

Those who prefer their coffee quick and dirty will appreciate these petite, Japan-made espresso mugs, whose neutral color schemes are accented by a mix of matte and gloss glaze. Available in a few different colorways, including pale pink.

This mug was handmade in Indianola, Washington, by artist Meredith Chernick, whose angled glaze-dipping technique beautifully reveals the earthen stoneware beneath—and whose purposeful shaping is meant to keep your drink warm for longer.

Nab two of Fern Street Pottery's iconic angle-dipped coffee mugs, alongside a matching pour over and a bud vase. Makes for a great gift.

Welcome the arrival of spring with this mug from Seattle artist Laura Souyoultzis. Glazed the colors of sunrise over the trees, this drinkware's a floral pattern provides a peek at the white stoneware clay underneath. See more from Laura Souyoultzis. 

Purchases of this mug support the Open OutDoors for Kids program, an effort that's already connected more than 1 million children with some of the iconic national park scenes pictured here.

Britt Dietrich's uniquely shaped mugs feel comfortable in the hand thanks to their curved shape, while freehand designs and a crackle effect give them a special, handmade look. See more from Britt Dietrich.

Inspired by the unparalleled romance of carving your lover's initials into a tree, these textured 16-ounce ceramic mugs come as an individual gift or as a pair for the two of you to share. 

Available in two generous sizes and five fun colors, this insulated coffee mug from Corkcicle keeps your drink hot well through all those morning Zoom calls. 

This dishwasher- and microwave-safe mug is a lesson in contrasts: Dark, glossy black glaze stuns over raw speckled stoneware, while feet lift it above the countertop, so it literally stands out from the crowd. See more from Korai Goods.

Seattle fans support all their teams—including Ballard's semi-professional soccer club, founded in 2021. 

For an aesthetically cohesive kitchen set, turn to these France-made mugs from Cécile Preziosa, available in two sizes and a trio of softly neutral, pearl-glazed colors (with the plates and bowls to match).

Perfect for gifting, Fern Street Pottery's customizable text mugs get your message across beautifully with chocolate-brown-glazed lettering and a variety of interior color options. Some ideas from the shop include names, favorite places, important dates, and "you're my people."

Iron oxide accent stripes atop stoneware clay mean this Berkeley, California–made mug isn't microwave-safe—but it is one-of-a-kind. See more from Kate Gibbs Ceramics.

Wallingford-based Miir has perfected the simple camp mug design with a thin, minimalist handle and a just-matte-enough finish.

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