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Adorable Stuffed Animals for Kids from Local Seattle Shops

From huskies to orcas (and every fluff level in-between).

By Brian Olson

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Image: Clover Toys

KIDS LOVE the cozy company of a furry friend, whether they come with paws, feet, fins, flippers, or (plush) armadillo armor. And doting adults appreciate the tactile and visual learning opportunities kids get from all those whiskers, spots, and stripes. Here’s our snuggly lineup of the city’s best stuffed animals.

These products were chosen by our writers from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city’s first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one placeSee all our toys here.

This Sasquatch is so cozy, you’ll want a life-size one for yourself (yes, they’re out there). The lap-size version probably makes a better backseat buddy or sleepy-time friend, though. And, thanks to his soft and fluffy fur, this big guy’s snuggle beats a bear hug any day. 

Hiking companion, football mascot, and sledding buddy, the Siberian husky is a Seattle kid’s no-contest favorite. Great for cuddling, napping, and long chats over Lincoln Logs, this fuzzy, blue-eyed friend looks ready to play. See more dog plushies.

The perfect ensemble for toddling through Seattle Aquarium or for a day on the Sound, Bootyland’s orca T-shirt and stuffie are two peas in a, well, pod. Whether you’re spotting the sleek, finned marine mammals or just talking about what’s on their shirt and under their arm, this organic-cotton combo will help your littlest ones learn about the world that’s right around them. 

Need a hug? Named after the famous cub from the Denver Zoo, Klondike is here, sitting up with arms wide open, ready to snuggle or sit and chat about building-block strategy. Black paws, ears, nose, and eyes contrast with snow-white fur to interest young eyes; this one’s great for any age outside the crib. See more teddy bears.

Blimey! Kango and her little joey from the land down under will have kiddos bouncing around the room. High-quality plush and hand-painted additions heap on the cuteness that makes this 16-inch momma and baby a truly special pair. 

Sitting upright and ready to play—yet so plush, one touch might mean naptime—Aurora’s baby orangutan is the snuggly primate kids can’t help but pet. This tree-swinging machine isn’t just a great best friend, though; Miyoni’s hand-stitched stuffies also come with species information sure to strike up a conversation. 

What stuffed animal community would be complete without a koala like Benji? This silvery-soft Aussie can cozy up for a nap and is suitable for infants and kids of all ages. Just keep him out of reach of your eucalyptus tree. See more from Jellycat.

Even a real-life Tyrannosaurus rex in fuzzy felt would be hard for curious kids not to pet—felt wants to be felt. These green, long-neck stuffies might be the safer bet, though. Fair Trade–certified, from a family-owned workshop, and 100 percent organic wool sans unsavory chemicals? That all adds ups to cozy, safe fun for kids, and improved living standards for the Nepalese artisans that craft these cuties. See more dinosaur toys.

Sure you can find them at Seattle Aquarium or down in Puget Sound, but it’s nice to have a snuggly starfish to come home to for a change. Scandi Toys crafts this stuffed animal from sustainably sourced organic cotton with recycled polyester fill. Contrasting colors stimulate vision, and this starfish is great for a kid’s first counting days: She’s always up for a high five. See more toys from Best Years Ltd.

There’s nothing better for tucking under the arm than this floppy plush. Every serious toddler knows that. With regards to plush pet-ability, Rufus Rhino rules the roost—and his prone position inspires naps. Every tired parent needs that.

An adorable duo crafted with an eye toward natural species markings, Miyoni’s panda mom and baby are here to den up for cozy time with kids of all ages. The curious cub cocks its little head sideways to peek out while momma protects during play and nap time. See more panda stuffies.

Fuzzy leopard seal spots stimulate the eyes, and long whiskers tempt tactile exploration. This limited-edition spotty swimmer has Italian toymaker Trudi’s silver seal of approval for guaranteed quality—pun probably not intended, but welcome nonetheless.

With so much fuzzy fauna, kiddos welcome the curious contrast of the armadillo. A flopsie version of this adorably armored creature of the Southwest is a good place to start. Plush dark stripes replace hard ribs, but still simulate natural markings, and this stuffie is suitable for all ages.

Given the lousy press sharks get, this plush’s friendly face is wholly warranted. Sure, the sharp teeth are nicely detailed, as are the gills—but wait until you feel how soft this swimmer is.

Hailing from Anacortes-based Bunnies by the Bay, hat-wearing Avery may not be as true to life as most of the stuffies on this list. But his hand-embroidered eyes, velvety-soft “feathers,” and floppy legs (ideal for toddlers intent on dragging toys everywhere they go) make him a first-rate pick for tiny adventurers. See more from Bunnies by the Bay.

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