Winning Mother's Day Gifts Picked by Local Shop Owners

We're leaving this one to the experts.

By Zoe Sayler

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Keonii Crowley runs Fleurt Collective alongside her mom, Sam.

You know those rare shopping moments when, instead of perusing the store for hours, you simply ask the shopkeeper for a recommendation and wind up leaving with the ideal gift (perhaps even elegantly wrapped) after about ten minutes?

This is that, but for online shopping: We asked five local store owners and managers to pick, out of all the items in their shop, which ones they'd recommend giving for Mother's Day. Here are the results.

Jesse Kamm 225's, Glasswing Local


Image: Glasswing

"Every mom needs hard working pieces in their wardrobe that are comfortable and durable," says Glasswing owner Alisa Furoyama. This pair is an instant classic, with a straight leg, high waist, and snug Japanese denim that breaks in with wear. Per Furoyama, "this is the updated Mom Jean." How fitting.

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Twyla Dill 14K Slate Ember Studs, Bezel & Kiln Local


Prolific local jeweler Twyla Dill made a line of 14-karat yellow gold pieces just for Handmade Showroom offshoot Bezel and Kiln; Dill adorns these petite studs with her signature delicate crocheted lacework, hand-dyed in slate gray, with a result that's "simple and elegant" and makes a great gift, per social media manager Kelly Latta.

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Filigree Floral Arrangement, Glasswing Greenhouse Local


Image: Glasswing

"There's something so thoughtful about gifting fresh florals," says Glasswing's Furoyama. "It connects us to the earth, to the present moment, and to each other." Available for pickup or delivered right to your Seattle home. 

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Ilee Papergoods Mother's Day Cards, Handmade Showroom Local


Sad about being unable to bring mom a gift in person this year? The Handmade Showroom can put it together for you: Pick a card, and a gift, and the local shop will write in the card for you, wrap up the gift, "and send it all directly to her to make her day extra special," says co-owner Marla Miyashiro.

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6-Inch Chlorophytum Reverse, Fleurt Collective Local


How to get a gift mom will love, while also fully involving kids of any age in the process: Fleurt Collective will walk the whole team through picking a plant that fits the kiddos' aesthetic dreams and is perfect for mom's needs, whether she needs pet-friendly foliage or something low-maintenance, like this spider plant.

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Friendly Pots by Kelly Manzanella Ceramics, Handmade Showroom Local


Kids love the smiley faces and snuggly arms on local artist Kelly Manzella's Friendly and Huggable pots. Grown-ups love the beautiful ceramic art that's also silly, fun, and, per Miyashiro, "all one of a kind—just like Mom."

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Michelle Williams Ceramics Round Carved Vase, Bezel and Kiln Local


Beautiful Mother's Day florals call for a beautiful Mother's Day vase. Latta recommends placing and backlighting the hand-carved porcelain vessel in mom's space for an extra surprise. 

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3rd Ritual Meditation Bel, Glasswing Local


"This would make a great gift for moms who need some protected 'me' time," Furoyama says (so, all of them?). Once the wax of the candle melts, a pin drops with a ding, marking the end of the meditation session—sans phone timer. Pair this gift with a free babysitting session for the ultimate in relaxation.

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Cat Mom Mug, Alair Local


Image: Alair

"I'm all for the dog mom and cat mom stuff so we don't forget about them," says Alair owner Shandon Armstrong says. Hear, hear.

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