Seattle's Best Merch for Mariners Fans

Root, root, root for the Mariners. And wear some cool gear while you're at it.

By Zoe Sayler

The products listed here were selected by a member of the editorial staff. Should you choose to purchase a product through a link on this page, we may receive an affiliate commission.

For the team that keeps on keepin' on.

SEATTLEITES RUTHLESSLY defend the Pacific Northwest’s climate against naysaying outsiders—we like the rain and constant darkness, thank you very much (at least when someone from California’s listening).

Similarly, any complaints we may have about our team stay between us, and belie our true feelings about the M's: They’re ours, and we’re not afraid to show it. (Especially during a win streak.)

Many of these products were chosen by our editorial staff from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place

The double-collar detail, simple pennant graphic, and faded sky-blue fabric impart an authentic vintage look (pretty sure someone out there has a grainy, circa-1970s-era photo in this exact tee).

Snow-white satin, historic logo patches, and other letterman-esque details make this a jacket you'd be more likely to find at a fashionable boutique than a concession-adjacent kiosk. So even the most sartorially discerning Seattle fan can proudly rep the team—game night or no.

Mariners fans are nothing if not optimistic. Surely it'll be warm enough to wear nothing but a light jacket to T-Mobile Park soon enough.

Mariners? Golfing? It's more likely than you think. This mesh-back mashup hat makes a great gift for fans who split their time between the diamond and the green.

This is the modern version of the throwback crewneck you've been tirelessly searching vintage racks for—maybe you can pass it on one day.

The unique color scheme, 40th-anniversary patch, and black corduroy brim make this 2017 deadstock hat (available in a couple of sizes) a true collector's item. 

With an embroidered logo and a garment wash that makes it look worn forever, this is the hat we’re wearing to petition the franchise to bring back royal blue and gold full-time.

Tell us you're a Pacific Northwesterner without telling us you're a Pacific Northwesterner.

Not into royal blue or northwest green? Party like it's 2001 with this throwback to the early-aughts All Star game.

We—and the fandom as a whole—are obsessed with old-school baseball aesthetics. But the Mariners merch that launched in 2023 (and looks the part) is just as nice. 

Is it Mariners merch? Technically, no. Is it extremely versatile? We'll be wearing it to Seahawks games, Kraken games, and living room lounge sessions all year long.

A-Rod loyalists can look the part with this size medium vintage tee from 1996—complete with a conversation-starting list of impressive stats for the row behind you.

Our city's reputation precedes us—and we're not talking about baseball. Prep for the inevitable rain with this vintage-inspired waterproof jacket.

Looking for a home-run gift for a Mariners fan in your life? Try this reversible, hand-sewn bomber jacket on for size.

This size-large 2003 spring training tee looks truly one-of-a-kind, thanks to a die-hard fan's bright red dye job. Say you were there (or wish you were). 

Simply Seattle makes merch for the local superfan—including the one still fully dedicated to a team that hasn't played a game in years. This Sonics–Mariners mashup hat is inside baseball in the very best way.

After months without sun, great seats can make for a bad burn. Avoid it with a wide-brim bucket hat.


Our Favorite Picks from Other Retailers:

Express your eternal optimism (or love for irony)—Viaduct’s a Seattle company, so they’re allowed to poke fun.

Image: Yeti

Want to be the most diehard fan at the tailgate? Yeti’s high-quality, durable products will keep you, and your beverages of choice, cool for years to come.

This kids' jersey walks the line between "cool enough for a tween" and "adorable enough for their parents."

“Back in my day, the Mariners played in way cooler colors.” Up for debate, gramps, but we’re all for passing on tradition to baseball’s littlest fans.


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