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Shell out for an exact reproduction of the team's 1982 team jacket from Ebbets Field Flannels.

Seattleites ruthlessly defend the Pacific Northwest's climate against naysaying outsiders—we like the rain and constant darkness, thank you very much (at least when someone from California's listening).

Similarly, any complaints we may have about the team with the longest active playoff drought stay between us, and belie our true feelings about the Ms: They're ours, and we're not afraid to show it.

Maybe Next Year T-Shirt, Viaduct Local


Image: Viaduct

Express your eternal optimism (or love for irony)—Viaduct's a Seattle company, so they're allowed to poke fun.

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Seattle Mariners Pastel '79 All Star Game Clean Up, '47 Local


Image: '47

The only thing better than a throwback? A throwback in pastel.

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Seattle Mariners Rally Cap Tee, Baseballism


Image: Baseballism

When a team's not doing so hot late in the game, fans and players can call upon the baseball gods for mercy by turning their caps inside out. This homage to the rally cap, complete with backward lettering, may come in handy this season.

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Seattle Mariners Cooler, Yeti


Image: Yeti

How much are you willing to spend on becoming the fanciest fan at the tailgate? Yeti's high-quality, durable products will keep you, and your beverages of choice, cool for years to come.

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Very Boring Tee, BreakingT


Image: BreakingT

Former Mariners president and CEO Kevin Mathers's notorious Rotary Club speech—wherein he criticized players' English, called longtime third-baseman Kyle Seager "overpaid" and pitcher Marco Gonzalez "very boring"—lives in infamy, and on this ironic tee. Yeah, it's inside baseball, but that's the point.

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Ken Griffey Jr. Powder Blue Youth Jersey, Simply Seattle Local


"Back in my day, the Mariners played in way cooler colors." Up for debate, gramps, but we're all for passing on tradition to baseball's littlest fans.

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Herschel Supply Co. Mariners Seventeen Hip Pack, Alair Local


Image: Alair

All right, so it doesn't meet T. Mobile Park's exceptionally strict bag-size standards. But you could wear it to several away games (other cities are chill like that).

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Seattle Mariners 1982 Authentic Jacket, Ebbets Field Flannels Local


The holy grail of Mariners fan merch: This satin beauty from local sports reproduction company Ebbets Field Flannels, quilted for warmth and authenticity, is an exact replica of the one players like Hall-of-Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry wore in 1982.

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Punchwave "Ichiro" Jerseys, Throwbacks Northwest Local


Image: Throwbacks NW

Ichiro forever. Must we say more?

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Seattle Mariners Cooperstown Cleanup, '47


Image: '47

With a unique take on the logo and a garment wash that makes it look worn forever, this is the hat we're wearing to petition the franchise to bring back royal blue and gold full-time.

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Seattle Mariners Bullpen Bomber Jacket, Simply Seattle Local


The official uniform of 2000s-era PNW little league coaches—you know what I'm talking about—still holds up thanks to detailed patches, warm and windproof material, and unadulterated retro cool. 

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Seattle Mariners 8oz Ice Cream Sundae Baseball Helmet Snack Bowls, Everything Baseball

$23 for twenty

Climb aboard: This nostalgia train serves ice cream in tiny helmets. Perfect for a birthday party. Or for curling up on the couch with a sundae and an away game.

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Seattle Mariners Unicorn 3/4 Sleeve Raglan, Tiny Turnip


Image: Tiny Turnip

For anyone more interested in magic than mojo, there is flying in baseball.

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