Luxury Gifts for a Bottomless Budget

Our favorite ways to go all out.

By Zoe Sayler

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Faris's pearl Chapeau ring makes diamonds jealous.

Image: Faris

Some occasions call for a serious splurge: Your child's college graduation, perhaps. Or a big-deal wedding anniversary. Or just because. Here are some of our favorite sky's-the-limit gifts from local artists and shops.

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Beccy Feather Large Neodymium Candelooper, Vetri Local


Image: Vetri

Gift-giving can be perilous. A surefire way to guarantee you don’t blow it? Art from America’s glass epicenter. Local shops like downtown Seattle’s Vetri stock unique pieces from area artists, like Bremerton-based Beccy Feather's stunning and whimsical sculptural candle holders, as well as art from glassworkers around the world.

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Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket, Filson Local



The shacket that started it all. Filson's Mackinaw Cruiser hasn't changed much since 1914, meaning it's still as good for hard work in the woods as it is for sharpening up an everyday wardrobe. And when we say "everyday," we mean it—Filson products last a lifetime.

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Rocket Espresso Appartamento, Seattle Coffee GearLocal


No, it's not called "appartamento" because it's right on par with Seattle's median monthly rent. Small enough for urban living but capable of pulling a shot that compares with those from much clunkier machines, this is the red-bow-topped steel showstopper your espresso-obsessed loved one really wants to wake up to.

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Wolf Spirit Gold Label Throw Blanket, Eighth Generation Local


Snoqualmie Tribe–owned Eighth Generation—whose slogan is Inspired Natives, Not "Native-Inspired"—exclusively features designs from Native artists, like this one by master carver David Robert Boxley. Gold Label blankets are made in Seattle by Indigenous crafters, too. Sign up at the link below to get an alert when Eighth Generation restocks for the holidays.

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14k Gold and Pearl Chapeau Ring, Faris Local


Image: Faris

A giant rock of a diamond ring? Been there, done that. A 10mm pearl set in gold by local jewelry darling Faris makes an uncommon statement.

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Eddyline Skylark Kayak, Olympic Outdoor Center Local


Truly Seattle big-ticket items are a little less Escalade and a little more Eddyline. The Burlington company's boats get rave reviews, and this one's great for new kayakers, too.

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HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset Full Kit, Microsoft Local


Image: Microsoft

Can you blame us for taking our reality virtual? This Microsoft kit provides all the tools and oomph necessary for an immersive VR experience for the true enthusiast, from a high-resolution display to the wide field of view.

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Mindbender 108TI Skis 2023, K2 Local



K2 was founded in Washington in 1961, and it's been making some of the best and most recognizable skis in the industry ever since. The latest Mindbender model is built for any mountain conditions (and god knows the Pacific Northwest sees them all). And just look at that art.

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Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag, Nordstrom Local



Fifty-six-year-old Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta flouts the aggressive labeling tendencies of its lesser counterparts and focuses on impeccable craftsmanship, quality leather, and modern silhouettes and colorways—this puffy quilted version feels distinctly 2022, but was built to last forever.

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Seattle Mariners 1982 Authentic Jacket, Ebbets Field Flannels Local


The holy grail of Mariners fan merch: This satin beauty from local sports reproduction company Ebbets Field Flannels, quilted for warmth and authenticity, is an exact replica of the one players like Hall-of-Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry wore in 1982.

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Boat Rental, Hot Tub Boats Local

$441–$551 per session


Hot tub boats have a strange reputation—the company has even made merch poking fun at the common assertion that the joystick-driven pleasure crafts are "obviously fake." Reader, they are real. The ideal hot tub boating atmosphere? A clear, chilly evening where bathers can zone out on those city lights.

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