Great Seattle Gifts Under $50

Keep your gift giving on budget with these local favorites.

By Zoe Sayler

The products listed here were selected by a member of the editorial staff. Should you choose to purchase a product through a link on this page, we may receive an affiliate commission.

For handmade, sustainable jewelry that's surprisingly affordable, turn to Baleen.

Image: Baleen

Whether you want to match the price of the present your friend gave you or you've calculated the precise amount you wish to spend over the course of wedding season, picking a budget—and sticking to it—is an underrated element of the art of gifting. 

Looking to spend more than $25, but less than $50? We're here to help.

Getaway, Book Larder Local



Star Seattle chef Renee Erickson's debut cookbookA Boat, a Whale, and a Walrus, has graced gift guides and best-seller shelves since time immemorial (...2014). In 2021 she released a second inspired by her food-driven travels in far-flung places like Rome and Paris.

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Daisy Studs, Baleen Local


Image: Baleen

Simple gold studs from a local favorite win for their versatility: not just because they can be worn with anything, but because they can be gifted to anyone who wears earrings, from a five-year-old niece to a five-years-strong flame. 

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Ballard Watch Cap, Filson Local



Everyone loves a Filson (seriously, name someone who couldn't benefit from a cute, high-quality beanie), and the brand looks its best proudly rocking that hometown pride.

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Pourigami Travel Coffee Dripper, Miir Local



Real Seattleites don't give up their artisanal beans for a week in the woods. Wallingford-based Miir's pocket-sized foldable dripper makes a great gift for campers and coffee connoisseurs alike.

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Mr. Sogs Woodland Creature Plush, Handmade Showroom Local


Stuffed animals are an obvious choice for little ones. Some, like this washable bunny handmade in Woodinville, are more obvious than others.

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Maybe Next Year T-Shirt, Viaduct Local



For the eternally optimistic baseball fan—or the irony-poisoned one. Viaduct's a local company, so they're allowed to poke fun.

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Anywhere Vases, Fruitsuper Local

$44 for a set of three

Image: Fruitsuper

These simple steel-and-cork shapes from Seattle design studio Fruitsuper—which its founders fondly refer to as "mom and mother-in-law candy"—support everything from foraged fern fronds to farmers market bouquets, transforming mason jars and even beer bottles into botanical displays.

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First-Time 60 Minute Float, Float Seattle Local



What if the best experience gift is the gift of experiencing nothing at all? Float tanks filled with extra-salty water give participants all the buoyancy they need to be deprived of (most) senses—even those who find it supremely difficult to turn their brains off will at least be bestowed with the rare sensation of, uh, not being on their phones. Add a pre-float sauna session for full benefits.

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Zoe Superstretch Tank, Girlfriend Collective Local


This local, sustainable, and size-inclusive athleisure brand makes fantastic gifts for the fashionable athlete or lounger on your list. A tank with cross-strap detailing and a built-in bra goes equally well with sweats or jeans.

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French Exit Candle, Cancelled Plans Local


Drop off your gift and leave the party with this pick from Seattle’s cheekiest candle company, also known for such Pacific Northwest–inspired (but currently sold out) scents as “Introvert” and "Do Not Disturb.”

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Monikers, Mox Boarding House Local


Based on the classic party game Celebrity, Monikers keeps the whole crew occupied for several rounds of complex character-based charades. Each card has a short descriptive bio for those without encyclopedias for brains, and will be equally appreciated by pop culture fiends (Drunk Jeff Goldblum) and history buffs (Catherine the Great's Horse).

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