Cute Water Bottles for Your New Year Hydration Goals

Water bottles that look good—and help you feel great.

By Zoe Sayler

The products listed here were independently selected by a member of the editorial staff. Should you choose to purchase a product through a link on this page, we may receive an affiliate commission.

The planet thanks you for choosing reusable.

We've all heard the benefits of drinking enough water: Better skin, better sleep, better you. Somehow, though, none motivate us quite like a really cute water bottle (or one that reps the Kraken, or one that technically holds the exact same amount of liquid as a bottle of wine). Here's to some of our favorites.

Many of these water bottles were chosen by our editor from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city’s first online marketplace completely dedicated to local businesses. Shop more essentials for your New Year's resolution here

Top Picks from the Shops at Seattle Met

Seattle-based sustainable sock company Arvin Goods may be all about limiting water consumption in clothing production. But when it comes to you and your bright turquoise Nalgene—which, by the way, is about $10 off its original price at the moment—more is more. See more from Arvin Goods.

We've got a lot of hometown pride for Wallingford water bottle company Miir, and for good reason. Simple and durable powder-coated finishes pair perfectly with the bottles' ultra-sleek silhouettes. See more from Miir. 

Corkcicle canteens look less like something you'd lug to the gym and more like something you'd display on your desk—though, of course, they work great in both settings. A 16-ounce bottle feels less overwhelming to pack than bigger options; we like this glossy turquoise color, but it's also available on our site in white and black. 

Get your mini-me to join you on your hydration journey with Miir's 12-ounce, just-for-kids bottle, complete with a leak-proof straw lid and a silicone buffer made to prevent clanging on cafeteria floors. Plain colors (which you can color-match to grown-up size Miir bottles!) serve as the perfect blank slate for all sorts of stickers. See more kids' bottles. 

In case the prospect of glowing skin and better sleep isn't motivation enough to drink more water, this Arvin Goods Nalgene provides a daily reminder of what your reusable companion does for the planet, too.  

There's always a little apprehension associated with goal-setting: What if you can't stick to it long-term? This bottle from Miir was made specifically to hold a wine bottle's worth of liquid. Take from that what you will. 



Top Picks from Other Retailers

It is possible to get a full day's worth of hydration in one fill-up without going full Gym Bro. H20 Capsule's water bottles come with a variety of patterned sleeves with detachable straps, storage compartments (including one built for phones), and patterns that soften the intensity inherent to a 74-ounce jug. 


For intrepid resolution-makers hellbent on drinking more water and getting outside more, this bottle from the Parks Project not only lists every single National Park in the U.S. (hey, Rainier!)—it provides genius, just-humble-enough checkboxes where you can mark down which ones you've visited. See more Parks Project on the Shops at Seattle Met.

When your desire to rep Seattle hockey outweighs your desire to stick to your 2023 goals, play to your strengths. This stainless steel bottle's 34-ounce capacity means fewer trips to the water fountain (and more time surreptitiously watching highlight reels at your desk). 


"Water bottle" feels far too simple a title for Lund London's iconic skittle bottles, distinctive thanks to their big, spherical lid and a sculptural look that belies their functionality. We know from experience that these keep water cold and hold their own on a shelf full of decor. See more from Lund London.

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