Cute Earrings Under $100

Supporting local can totally be budget friendly.

By Zoe Sayler

The products listed here were independently selected by a member of the editorial staff. Should you choose to purchase a product through a link on this page, we may receive an affiliate commission.

Mix and match with Au79.

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Accessorizing on a budget shouldn't mean turning to big-box stores or online behemoths. These locally made and curated earrings prove you can have your glitz and support small businesses, too.

These products were chosen by our editorial staff from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place

Two gold hoops are better than one. This lightweight pair of linked rings offers Goldilocks-approved dimensions—not too big, not too small—and the look of dangle earrings with the stay-there practicality of studs.

Local designer Twyla Dill's distinctive, crocheted style stands out from the crowd, even in a petite pair of half-inch studs in muted, seafoam green. See more jewelry from Twyla Dill.

Traditional jewelry materials make way for Italian leather adorned with hand-painted cherry blossoms—hanami is the Japanese custom of viewing their ephemeral blooms come springtime. See more jewelry from Timmy Mays.

Huggies offer all the elegance of a pair of dangle earrings, plus a snap closure that keeps them firmly in place. We find this gold-plated, Seattle-designed pair particularly electrifying. 

Beloved Seattle designer Luly Yang has built a jewelry line stocked with fashion-forward silhouettes you won't find anywhere else, like this boldly glamorous pair featuring multiple extra-long chains.

Woll Jewelry's midcentury, hand-painted acrylic-inspired designs lean unapologetically toward the kitsch end of the spectrum—with a medium size that makes them just plain fun, not costumey. See more Woll Jewelry.

Keep it simple with a tiny, wear-everyday pair of studs: The teardrop shape brings more visual interest than a typical ball, while material options like gold vermeil ($35), sterling silver ($33), and 14-karat gold ($84) give you plenty of choices for styling alone or as part of an earscape

The most expensive piece on our list (it's still a cool $95) earned its spot at the top, with playful quartz bubbles atop a faceted quartz drop that catches the light at every turn. See more Calliope Jewelry.

Inverted pyramids make a subtly edgy statement on a classic pair of gold-plated huggies. See more Terra Bella earrings.

Simple studs don't just come in gold and silver. Woll Jewelry's polished acrylic florals add a petite pop of color at just a quarter-inch each.

Take your sweet time slithering toward the asymmetrical jewelry trend with this pair of sweet, subtly different sterling silver snakes from designer Michelle Chang. See more jewelry from Michelle Chang.

Emerald-cut cubic zirconia and 14-karat yellow gold-plated over sterling silver looks authentically luxurious, without the luxury price tag. 

Three-quarter-inch silver hoop earrings get an update with jewelry designer Corey Egan's light- and eye-catching bezeled surface and secure butterfly backs.

Whether you're wearing the unique silhouette solo or as the piece that completes a curated set of multiple earrings, a wraparound ear suspender adds something totally new to your jewelry equation. This one features a lineup of cubic zirconia stones, but there's a more minimalist option, tooSee more ear suspenders.

Maximalists, this one's for you: Feathered "leaves" of rainbow anodized aluminum cascade down these handmade earrings for a serious statement piece that's surprisingly light and wearable. See more jewelry from Rebeca Mojica. 

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