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Image: AJ Ragasa

Seattle Sports Gear

We love our sports teams. Even the stolen ones, like the Sonics. Or those occasionally rusty Mariners. Or the Seattle Rainiers, who preceded the M’s between the 1930s and the 1970s (yes, Tacoma, we had them first). Kraken gear may be the next big thing, but for some athletic nostalgia head to local brand Ebbets Field Flannels for authentic reproductions of old-school threads, like this 1955 Rainiers ball cap, or a made-to-order flannel baseball jersey ($215) from long before the plaid versions gained punk notoriety. 

Seattle Rainiers 1955 Vintage Ballcap, Ebbets Field Flannels Local


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Local Glass Art

Holiday gift-giving can be perilous. A surefire way to guarantee you don’t blow it? Art from America’s glass epicenter. Local shops like downtown Seattle’s Vetri stock pieces from area artists, including these particularly Seattle Bumbershoot ornaments from longtime glassmith Jason Christian, as well as art from glassworkers around the world. But to gift glass like a true Seattleite...may we suggest a bong

Cookbooks from Your Favorite Chefs

No need to work out the logistics of shipping fresh coho salmon cross-country just to discover your niece went vegetarian over winter break. Seattle’s got a roster of culinary stars with concomitant book deals that’ll add flavor to any kitchen, from renowned instructor Hsiao-Ching Chou’s Chinese Soul Food ($25) to Mamacita ($50), Andrea Pons’s celebration of Mexican home cooking, to powerhouse chef Renee Erickson’s latest, Getaway ($40). Make it easy on yourself and head to Fremont’s Book Larder to nab them all in one trip. 

Image: AJ Ragasa

Eighth Generation Blankets

Native art plays a central role in Seattle’s aesthetic identity, for better (like the John T. Williams Memorial Totem Pole, commemorating the life of the Ditidaht woodcarver killed by Seattle police) and for worse (maybe we should funnel some money from Seahawks merch sales toward the tribes whose art inspired the logo?). Snoqualmie Tribe–owned Eighth Generation—whose  slogan is Inspired Natives, Not ‘Native-Inspired’—exclusively features designs from Native artists, including the Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket designed by the Eighth Generation's founder Louie Gong. The company’s new Gold Label wool blankets ($320), like the soon-to-be-released one from designer David Robert Boxley pictured at the top of the page, are made in Seattle by Indigenous crafters, too. 

Coast Salish Pattern Wool Blanket, Eighth Generation Local


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Classic Flannels

Leaning into a stereotype? Maybe. But there’s a reason Seattle’s synonymous with flannel shirts. From lumberjacks and grunge musicians of the city’s past to present-day outdoorsmen and casual-dress enthusiasts, every Seattleite seems born with an inherent knowledge of the fabric’s ability to keep us cozy even on the blusteriest Northwest day. Give the gift of unpretentious comfort with this Feedback flannel from local brand Outdoor Research, pick up a classic Filson work shirt ($145), or dig through vintage racks for the tried-and-true. 

Feedback Flannel, Outdoor Research Local


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Vintage Band Tees

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Seattle music? Nevermind—it’s too tough a question to answer. From Nirvana to Jimi Hendrix to Heart to Soundgarden, this region has played host to musical artists and movements across genres and decades. Pay homage to our grunge bona fides by combing local shops like Bon Voyage, Barn Owl, or Gold Dogs—the source of these classic ($79) Nirvana ($75) finds ($49)—for memorabilia you can’t find anywhere else.

Image: AJ Ragasa

Cancelled Plans Candles

Are canceled plans really Seattle’s number one cultural export? This eponymous local candle brand’s certainly trying. Wrap up bright but minimalist tumblers filled with distinctly Seattle scents—Social Anxiety ($32), Alone Time ($32)—that are more likely to light your giftee’s fire than freeze them out. 

It's Freezing Outside Candle, Cancelled Plans Local


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