We Needed This: Chunks Claw Clips Revive Vintage Style

The revival of 2000s fashion is still in full swing—and the claw clip is back, back again.

By Zoe Sayler

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Image: Jane Sherman

Some vintage trend revivals make us wonder why they were ever a thing in the first place (low-rise jeans, we’re looking at you). Others, though, beg the question: Why did they ever stop

Claw clips, another early-2000s staple, fall into the latter category (no duh). We’ll thank the sands of time and the power of Instagram influencers for bringing them back into our lives over the past year or so. But for fully transplanting the look into our modern wardrobes, send your acetate flowers directly to Tiffany Ju at Chunks in Seattle.

Image: Jane Sherman

You don’t have to dress like Lizzie McGuire to pull these off. Chunks’ versions of the claw clip (as well as its extensive collection of barrettes and headbands) provide a playful throwback aesthetic while also aligning perfectly with modern trends: color-block, checkers, waves, pastels. New pieces are introduced frequently through as-frequently sold-out collaborations with other brands, from locally owned skincare company Herbivore to international fashion giant Ban.Do.

Which has helped garner the attention Chunks deserves, from a recent feature in The New York Times to celebrity fans like dancer Maddie Ziegler and actress Miranda Cosgrove. (Oh, and your favorite local magazine has featured Chunks in fashion spreads and gift guides, too.)

Image: Jane Sherman

Chunks is WOC-owned and designed in Seattle, while the clips themselves are manufactured in China from a plant-based plastic. (And as Ju is quick to remind us, it’s time we rethink any recoil to products made abroad.) The clips feel high-quality and do a better-than-drug-store job of staying in place—though if you’ve got a lot of hair, you’ll definitely want to opt for the larger versions.

Most importantly, though: Every time I’ve worn my lilac checkered clip out in public, I’ve been complimented by a stranger. That’s the return to IRL socializing we all deserve.

Image: Jane Sherman


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